who is Jd?

Born behind a heavy goods vehicle on the English / Yorkshire border, somewhere near Leeds in 19**, James was destined to move across the border as he is the kind of person that likes a good challenge.

Raised heavily at the Pavorrotti, Judith Charmers and Jo Brand school of elocution, finally mastered the scouse tongue in 2008; after securing his current job teaching the young minds of Liverpool how to speak correctly. (It’s a t-cake)

After initially setting up home in ‘Wooly-back’ country decided he was ready to face the challenge at the heart of ‘Scouse-topia’ living right in the heart of Liverpool City Centre in a battery-hen styled apartment .The clinching deal being the exotic views of the wirral and the river mersey (once a wrecking ball has taken out half of the city centre buildings). Here, still today, is where this creative genius carries out his ever so valuabe work.

But now here I am in this place, sat in the middle of Liverpool City Centre, looking out off my balcony at the brick wall in front of me, and marking off the bricks one by one…


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