The MINI adventure (Part R)

Posted: August 13, 2011 in About Me

The mission is well in hand but I have a feeling that things are not quite fitting to the plan that I had for it. Firstly the first ‘final’ date has passed. I was hoping that it would be out of the way by my 30th birthday but alas thats not the case. We are still waiting as the only available date was the 31st! Well I could of had the 27th but was told no.

Mock test one, things seemed to me to be going fine until the car at 40mph that shot down the road as I went around the corner. I didn’t sstop and neither did they. So fail.

Mock test two, today. All was going well. New route. New places and roads that I havent been on before. All was well then came the dreaded issue of the corner. Stop. Reverse. It will all go well. Then que boy on bike, three cars, man carrying bed, dog on the loose and an old woman on her scooter. What else is going to come my way? But with that said everything went well and we did it fine. By we, I mean myself anf Steff the car under the very watchful eye of the instructor!

manoeuvre two. The parallel parking. All was well, with a little bit of over steering, we were in. Close to the curb now it was time to put the wheels straight and we were done. To do this though just a clutch movement forward as slow as possible. Now cue car 12. Old rust bucket that passed as I straightened the wheel and there we have it. FAIL! I should have put my foot on the brake and not moved!!

At the end of the test this was the only issue. I was going less that 1mph and the other car 20mph. I didnt hinder. We were both fine but….

So came the drive home, the call at the petrol station and the slippy feet. ‘fill the tank with diesel while I go pay will you’ came the cry. I did as I was told. ‘should fit in at least £43 before it’s near full and make sure it’s rounded up’. So here I stnad with the hose in my hand. The numbers ticking round. Taking me back to ‘Arrow’ days and ‘dieeesssel, that’s diesel….’ I watched and did I was told. My eyes on the numbers….it holds £43 full at least ringing in my ears…….£37 clocked round, I carried on………….38……….39…………39.56……………..39.75…………it carried on. then the pump clicked. no more would fit. The tank was full and luckily, I thought, it had stopped at £40! I had done as I was told and thought I was one up as it wouldn’t hold the amount ‘he’ said……I smiled, until I looked at the floor. Where there had once been a dry patch of concrete was now a 2″ deep puddle of diesel and right in the middle of it my Ted Baker shoes. I thought I had got away with it, but alas no. Not only had ‘he’ noticed and started making his way back to the car, so had the cashiers in the office and the queue of others waiting to pay. The only words that could utter from my mouth were ‘YOU said it would hold £43 at LEAST!!! but look. It doesn’t, but I stopped it on a rounded up number!!’ and smiled.

It was at this point the best thing to do was just get back in the car. Walking slowly as I skated with Diesel on my feet I went back to the drivers side and got in. Not a word. Not a sound. until…

‘ooooh my feet feel really slippy on these peddles, thats weird they didn’t before…..’

The rest is unprintable, until…….. ‘see you same time next week!’


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