Be thankful….of things

Posted: August 14, 2011 in About Me

I am thankful for…

toast, cheese, Winter, coffee, tea, water, chips (fries if you’re American), brown paper bags, fried rice, music, dancing, friends, typing skills, music, Peter Kay , pizza, Summer breezes,driving, garlic, crisps (chips for the USA), hearing, alcohol (mainly vodka), spinach, mushrooms, bananas, sleep, lemonade, chocolate, Iphones,  health, Robinsons Special R,  Help my house is falling down, eye sight, Ted Baker, Crispy Kreme, wealth (If I get any), happiness, theatre, cinema, live bands, MIKA, Tesco, What’s Cooking?, £5 notes, Primark (yeah! Seriously!), condoms, T.V. Rain, Spring,Home, internet,  & modern medicine.


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