Things to be thankful……family

Posted: August 14, 2011 in About Me

People & Things I am thankful for:

So it’s time to focus on the family aspect. The ones that brought me into this world and the ones that helped me grow and now I can help guide through life.

To start at the top of the shop…


Grandma F – The head of our family. The one that we all have to answer  to and get regularly told off by for not visiting enough. Firstly she would have to be in both her home and the country! She is always on holiday or out with the ‘over 55’s’ on their trips. Thank you for being you. For being there for all of us and thank you for the fabulous pies, biscuits and cakes. No one can make them the way Gran can.


Mum – The one that protected us all and stood firm on her decisions. The one that on occasions I made cry with my stories from work. Our protector throughout our younger years. What ever we have done, the one that is still there for us through thick and thin. Thank you.


Dad – The boss. The master and the one that had to say it, mean it and we knew that if we didn’t follow then we were in trouble. The one that provided for us and guided us all. Thank you.


Andrew – My big brother. The one that introduced me to the pub, stock cars, beer, music and argued with constantly due to him still living at home while I was growing up. The one that most of my female mates fancied and the reason why some of them came round on a regular basis. The one that helped bring my first nephew into the world. The one that helped guide me and the one that bought me my first tent. Haha. Thank you.


Helen – My big little sister. The one that I could talk to. Share my secrets and help guide me through the tough times. The one thats grounded and is always there for us. The one that probably had it the toughest, growing up with two boys in the house. And for that I thank you.


Oliver, Freddie, Oscar, Jed and Tilly – My four nephews and niece. I thank you for bringing light into my life and for enriching it the way that you do. Sharing your life’s special moments with me ad allowing the big kid inside of me back out!! Thank you and I love you all with my heart and soul.


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