Things to be thankful….work

Posted: August 18, 2011 in About Me

People I am thankful for (work):


The best place to start is more than likely the one I spend the majority of my time. Work. Or school. Either way I can be found there usually for over 9 hours a day. Currently I have been there for going on 6 years. I never thought that I would be there for that length of time and although I love the place and people that I work with I have found myself applying for jobs on a few occasions. But I am still there.


People at work I kind of class as my second family. I am here alone in the north west, all my family being in that wonderful county West Yorkshire.


Jenny – The boss. The leader and my kind of second mum. She has helped me through thick and thin. Being with me to visit places to live when I needed someone and a ‘mum’ kind of view. She is one special lady and really doesn’t know how much she is loved and cared for.


Barb – Mum number 3. She knows when to tell me to shut up and listen. She knows when to listen too. She speaks her mind and doesn’t mince it. She is fab.


Jojo – I remember my first meeting of this girl. I was bossed, told what I could and couldn’t do, where I could and couldn’t sit but she is fab. A great mate that I love dearly and would do anything for. I hope that she knows that what ever she is going through I am always there to help her, unless it involves Josh and then I will help by offerng the duct tape and concrete wellies!! (only joking Josh)


Lou Mc – She knows my dinners. She helps to get them right and has tried hard to make me try new things. Slowly I am doing it!!!


Dan P – Just for being gayer!!! Lol


Rob and Lou – For being lie a brother and sister and for helping me through some rough times too. I am still trying to find a suit but don’t worry I wont let you down!! Lol 😉


Mo K. – For eventually getting round to knitting my scalf! Lol Hopefully I will get it in time for winter.


Lisa – For being a little bit dizzy. For the mad laugh and allowing my artistic and creative side to completely overtake your classroom!!!


Manning – For the endless stories with major comic affect! Especially the ducks and your phone. I am guessing that once again my services may be called upon at Christmas. Trips around Liverpool to find the ideal gift…


Kathy & Hannah – The ad nights out, the great conversations and the laughs.  It’s a blast!!!


Mavis – For the cakes. Especially the carrot cake. It wins hands down!!


Jean, Lou S., Allison, Michelle, Debbie, Michelle, Ang, Lisa, Stacey, Mo B, Kerry & Kay For all your hard work and dedication that you put into everything that you do at school, putting the children in our care at the front, making sure that their lives are enriched and they are given a wide range of experiences to enhance their learning.


Sian, Marg, Tina, Jo T, Alison, Stuart, Natalie, Sharon & Jo S – For providing a wide range of opportunities through the curriculum to help engage the children in our care.


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