Deeper than a dried up Puddle?

Posted: August 22, 2011 in About Me

What is it really with the late night blogs? Obviously something thats going to have to stop at the end of next week when the big return to work takes place and it’s back to school across the whole of the country. God only knows when I will find the time to blog what’s been going on in this slow paced thing I seem to call my life. The majority of time will be taken up with school work and ensuring that I am ready for the challenges that lay ahead. Thinking about this, maybe now is a good time to get into the mindset of that blogs will have to be done at the weekend or every six weeks. (we now take part in the standardised school year that sees virtually every half term being 6 weeks long)


Although the opening to this blog is linked to work, or school, this is not the main reason behind what I am thinking or typing about. You see I have recently joined twiiter. I am sure that you are aware as you no doubt are either following me, heard me talk about it or being forced to get your username and join in the fun of the ‘twittering’ world! Back to the point. The reason behind this, is due to a comment that was made on twiiter by someone that I follow and follows me. You see, there is a bit of harmless fun called #hottieornottie where people are encouraged to upload photos of themselves, friends, family members, starngers in the street, shop, pub……you get the drift…………and then other people can, if they wish, comment of whether the person in the photo is hot or not.

So this is taking place again today. Done usually on a Sunday when people find they have time to upload or take pictures of random hotties or notties in the street (or other places). So voting begins. Needless to say I joined in this with some uploads of my own. Not pictures of me, but pictures of people that I know or people that just so happened to be passing at that given time and without a care in the world, or knowledge they were being judged, found themselves in the #hottieornottie contest!

So the comment…….. ‘everything that matters is on the surface’

Based on a picture that I had uploaded of someone that I knew. He had been classed as a hottie as he had the looks, and yes I am not denying that the whole contest in the #hottieornottie stakes are the superfical first ten seconds glance at a photo to whether he’s awarded the gold star or not. I then went on to explain that although he has the looks, he lacks in other areas being arrogant, selfish and big headed, but this did not deter. This seemed to boost the opinion of said ‘hottie’ guy and more and more came to the conclusion he was some stud!

My point being, although yes a person may have the body that we all crave for, have the olive natural tanned skin, the big brown eyes that we alll want to eat as they look like expensive chocolates and the long flowing hair that just so happens to blow in the wind, is it all we look for? Are we not as people looking that little bit deeper than the depth of a dried up puddle and seeing what other attributes make someone hot? For clarification to the gays that may read this I am not talking now of looking deeper (lower eye level) focusing on the size of his arms or the meat thats well packed in his lunchbox, I am talking about HIM as a person. The way he treats people. How he cares and looks after others. Do we not realise that beauty is more than focusing on the looks. Yeah am I sure that we can all list off guys or girls that are outstandingly handsome or beautiful, but if they only have the beauty in their looks and their personality is not the best or their manner or care for others is horrible, can we really class this person as a hottie? Can we really say that we would be proud to walk down the street with a guy who has the body to die for but the personality of a wet kipper and the brains of a 20 watt light bulb that not only has blown but has been smashed too? The full package is nice but it’s hard to find.


or is it just me?


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