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Posted: August 23, 2011 in About Me

It’s crazy really when you look back and realise just how quickly things have flashed by and how the incidents that took place in your life around the age of five feel like they happened yesterday and the things that actually did happen yesterday seem to vanish into an unknown abyss!


The sound of one persons voice and there you are transported back into the field on that summer afternoon, where a cow was giving birth. It didn’t matter how many times I told Emma not to go near she just had to look. She just had to get that one step closer and see what a calf looked like as it was being born. Neither of us was to know what was going to happen and how Emma would have to run with all her might, while all I could do was stand on the spot in a fit of laughter.


The cow was in mid labour, the calf hanging from it’s rear as if an alien or foreign body was trying either to bury it’s way into it’s inside or escape from the inner as quickly as it could. The cow was making loads of noise and as usual so was Emma. She needed to see, she needed to remind me at every opportunity that she was a vegetarian and the sight of the cow hanging out of the mother’s backside was making her feel sick but she was willing to brave it. She got that close that no doubt the poor calf could feel her nicotine breath on it’s face, and in a bid to save it’s young from the forces of the evil nicotine stick the cow
started to run, but not in the opposite direction, no, that would have been the best thing for Emma, but no, she swung and charged straight at my mate who had been there causing an issue. It was time for Emma to take flight. Time for her to run like her life depended on it and at that very moment I am sure that Emma thought it did! She was screaming at the top of her lungs, while panting breathlessly from the last cigarette she had smoked, as the cow took chase with its calf, front legs hanging from it, mooing like crazy at the girl that it thought had tried to endanger it’s babies life. All I could do was in true friend style stand and laugh at the situation that unfolded in front of me!


During my time at high school I spent many a nights with Emma. She made me smile and laugh and there was always some drama going on when we were together. The nights we spent sat on the old disused railways while she had a sly cigarette out of the way where no one could see her. The fact that we were always sat at the highest point of the railway line and that we could see for miles around, including Emma’s house, never seemed to pose her a problem, she thought it was safe, we could see the world but as if they could see us!


We had our usual places that we went on our nights hanging out. Wednesday was swimming night down at the local baths. This was usually spent either ducking each other under the water or hanging onto the side of the pool talking to the life guard in the deep end called Ken. Other nights we could be found on the hill of the old disused railway line, the balks stream, the school playing field or at my mum and dad’s house.


We had many dramas at my folk’s home. They usually started with the usual ice cream smoothie involving loads of ice, ice cream, the odd banana, yoghurts and a small drop of milk. It always went fine unless Emma forgot to put the lid on correctly and then we would be there hurriedly cleaning down the kitchen units and work surfaces before either my mum or dad arrived home. Crazy really the things that you remember, even when Emma and I talk now this is one of the memories that is always brought up.


Still now I remember the day that I met Emma, we were in class doing the usual primary school stuff of small group painting and sticking lessons, when all of a sudden along came this girl to the table slightly plump with mucky blond wild hair and a big smile on her face. I looked up at her and smiled, she smiled back and as I continued making the masterpiece that was unfolding in front of me, Emma decided that she would eat the glue instead and off she went! Emma’s fascination of eating school items didn’t only start and end at the glue it also lead her to the wax crayons too. I soon learnt to keep the ones I needed close by to me whenever Emma was around. I am happy to say that she soon did grow out of this ‘phase’ and I think it could have had something to do with the fact she was constantly been told by Mrs Price and the head of the school Mrs Parkinson to stop eating school equipment!


The school day in Mrs Price’s class always started with us being sat in the reading corner doing the registers for attendance and lunch, we did this through number form as she said it didn’t waste as much playing time that way.

This next event was the day of the class Christmas party. We were all there in our best clothes, the tables were all decorated with class designed mess and parent helpers were laying out the banquet. For some unknown reason Emma stood up and offered to help finish with the tidying up. This seemed like a very helpful suggestion, but looking back now it was probably one that Mrs Price will always remember and wish to God that day she had said no. You see we had been learning about weights, how heavy they were and what we needed on the scales to balance them. These were what Emma had to move from the back of the reading corner where we were sat back into the class store room. The first few went well, she carried them tight in her hands and watched exactly where she was standing as to not catch anyone’s fingers. Then came the turn of the third weight, it was the biggest and the heaviest of them all. She lifted it high and for some unknown reason placed it on the top of her head. She set off with giggles coming from her mouth and shouting ‘look everyone, look at me, I can do it, I can walk and balance the…’ Thud!! It slipped straight off the top of Emma’s head before she managed to say the whole sentence and was now ‘balanced’ at an angle on David Ratcliffe’s head instead. Blood was pouring down his face and spraying in all directions, and just like the incident with the cow many years later Emma ran like hell for her life!

The Christmas party went ahead as planned, the teaching assistant bandaged David’s head and fastened it with a massive knot at the front and we all sat down for the party!


Many years have passed since this incident but it is still there, still lodged in the mind as though it had only happened a few days ago. Picturing the clothes, the look on people’s faces and the anticipation of seeing what this years Christmas Party would bring! Oh the excitement at the age of six.


We moved to high school, and the adventures still came hand in hand with knowing Emma, there was never a dull moment there, whether they took place in school or out in the open world outside the doors of our high school. Many nights we would spend just wondering around the streets but not in a bad way. We would walk for miles, in the sun and the rain, just walk and see where we would end up. Tea would usually be at my mum and dad’s house and then the walking would begin, for some reason it was always a circle, a massive circle that would have us back in my parents front room.


When we were 15 I got a paper round, Emma used to come and help me finish it. One time that sticks in my head is a time when we set off in the hot sunshine, which soon ended and the rain started. This wasn’t the end of the weird weather paper delivery and to cap it all off Emma was coatless too. The rain passed and was soon replaced with heavy snowfall, we carried on, we pulled the trolley, got cold in the weather and had snowball fights the whole way round. My dad was out looking for us as we were two hours late returning but that didn’t matter we were having the times of our lives. The phone box at the bottom of post office hill also became out haunt, ringing the free phone numbers and asking stupid questions. After doing a few we would walk the rest of the paper round and occasionally meet Thomas. Thomas was my mums best friend’s son. He was slightly older than us and used to like riding his bike all over the place. I used to spend some of my weekends at his house going bike riding and messing about on the computer. One evening while doing the paper round Thomas came down the road showing off and swerving all over the place. In front of Emma and I were a row of railings which Thomas’ bike soon met, suddenly he was jolted to a sudden holt but he didn’t stop there, in an evil twist he left his bike seat and the only thing to stop him was the handle bars between the legs! This was met by major amusement by Emma.

Many of my antics while growing up involved Emma. She was always there through thick and thin and although it’s sad for me to saay we haven’t actually seen each other in about five years, but I know one thing. If she was to ring me, or for me to ring her, we would be there straight away for one another.


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