The MINI adventure (Part A*)

Posted: August 23, 2011 in About Me

As we have scome to learn from the previous two posts, The MINI adventure (part T) and The MINI adventure (part R) I have over the summer period being taking my driving test. I have throughout this time been told how I am doing some of the things right and how I am doing some of the things wrong. I put this down to years of watching other people around me and being unaware of it, subconciously picking up their bad driving habits.

Through my lessons there has been a theme running that I do question the information that my driving instructor is giving me. In some cases I do this as many people have given me a range of information and views on what they believe is right. I do suppose that I should listen too him seen as he is the one that has under gone the test to become a driving instructor but I view it as testing his knowledge, making sure he is up to date and aware of the anxieties of road users. I am sure he would label it slightly differently and even resort to calling me a pain in the arse.

My driving lesson was due to take place on Friday, but it didn’t. A text came through to say that ‘Steff’ (thats the name of his mini….don’t ask) had broken down, or at least wouldn’t start when he had come to start ‘her’ up to drive to mine for my lesson. As he text the BMW services breakdown truck were towing Steff to their garage to giver her a much needed once over. I actually think he means he couldn’t face spending 2 hours driving with me and had used the ‘I’m sick’ card already so there was no chance of that being used again.

The next time my lesson was due to take place was on Saturday (this had been planned). Infact the Friday lesson was a re-schedule lesson as it had meant to of taken place on the Tuesday, but due to ‘issues’ it couldn’t be done. So Steff was still under the watchful eye of the BMW services garage on Saturday so again the lesson didn’t take place, but hopefully she would be back with Mike by the close of the garge on Saturday night, at which point it would be too late to carry out my lesson. (mainly because I wanted to be in the pub rather than driving round the streets of Liverpool on a Saturday evening!)

So here we were. Sunday morning. The lesson taking place at 2pm. So far so good. No text to say it was cancelled. No phone call, I decided the best course of action was to get dressed and be ready for when he got here. I wasn’t disappointed. He arrived nearly on time and it was time to do my lesson.

Another mock. I was ready. In a better frame of mind than the last one. It was going to go well.

‘good check in your mirrors’……………….’I konw. Thanks’……………………’I wasn’t being sarcastic, for once, I was letting you know you had done it for once’……………….’thanks’

I didn’t speak. He says that during my lesson I do talk too much, but then when I don’t I am questioned why I am not wanting to talk to him. It’s hard work, it really is as though I can’t win either way.

‘if we come to a junction, or lights, or anywhere and I don’t say anything, just go straight on’ …………………… ‘hmmmm, ok’

‘when you’re ready, lets get gone’ and off we went. Pad in his hand, my hands on the wheel and his stare burning into the side of my face as I was driving. More intense that normal, he even hd positioned himself in the chair so his back was literally against the door. I put up with it for about 5 minutes before I had to ask ”what the hell are you sitting like that for, you’re so off putting and annoying me’ to which the reply was ‘I hope you won’t speak to the examiner like tha and I am making sure that you do it all. That it’s right and that I catch everything that you do wrong, just drive will you’. So as usual I did as I was told. Without question though this time too!

The test took us round housing estates, over bumps, along open roads, reversing round the corner (with a little ooops thrown in) and a fantastic parrellel park. It was going well, unlike the last one.

“pull over and stop!” What the hell had I done now? I thought it was going great.

“right Jd how do you think you did?” he said still sat with his back against the door. “alright I suppose” came my usual reply.

“well let’s just say that if this was your real test you would have…………….passed. But it’s not but you did ok” What? what was that, a bit of praise? WOW.

“so when you’re ready, lets get gone…..”


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