The same but different.

Posted: August 29, 2011 in About Me

I remember a comment once made to me that people are like snowflakes. Every single one of them is different, but it’s this exactly what makes us the same? The fact that we are all unique. That not one other person in this word is identical to you or me. Not even in the case of identical twins. Yes, they may have the same features, hair colour, mother and father but they have their own mind and thought process.

Lets take the ‘community’ too and look deeper into that. Lets see what makes up the community of where we live. I know for sure that within the apartment block I live within in the city centre there is a great diversity of sex, colour, sexual orientation, marital status, culture and beliefs. The same can be said of any place that we live. Any community that we are part of.

We have a tendency to tie everyone with the same brush. A kind of one size fits all philosophy and this just isn’t so.

For instance lets take the youth of today. We had the riots starting in London then appearing in other cities across Britain. whether these were taking place for the same reason or people were just jumping on the band wagon raises many questions in itself. It was reported through the media that these riots were mainly caused by teenagers and even children as young as ten. Many were quick to label the ‘youth of today’ as ‘bad’ society. Again tarring everyone with the same brush.

The same can also be said about the gay community. The people who make up this area of society. You have the gay men, the lesbians, the bi sexuals, the curious, the straight men and women on their stag and hen nights out, the leather clad daddy’s, the pre and post op trannies, the drag queens with their cutting tongues, and the couples with children. Every member of the gay community is not the same, they make up every colour of the rainbow.

In many respects we are all like one another but we are all different. Isn’t that what this country is meant to be about; acceptance and diversity?


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