The MINI adventure (part M)

Posted: August 31, 2011 in About Me

So here we have it. Today is test day. Ironically the day that I was hoping would have been near the start of the holiday but instead has fallen on the very last year of the six weeks break. My aim to have passed my test by the time I turned 30 has failed, although it’s not bad going saying I turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and only started my lessons at the end of June.

Last night we had the prep session, with a little bit more of checking out my moves. Some of which went smoothly and others, well, lets just say they could have been a little better!!

I suppose to tie in one of my other blogs into the MINI adventure (TRAUMA) blogs I have been posting, here I am again with that brick wall. Here I am with another brick to cross off (hopefully) and pass this god damn test! I have to honestly say I have enjoyed my time behind the wheel of the little mini known as ‘Steff’ she’s been good and at sometimes a little horror. I can also say that the time spent with my driving instructor has not been that bad either (although I wouldn’t tell him this as it will only boost his ego and make his head swell that little bit more……hmm…..maybe thats a way of getting a car. Afterall if his head swells and he can’t get into little ‘Steff’ he has no use for her…..right?!)

By the time you read this blog (if anyone actually does) I will be in the test centre, mid way through my test. Purposely set so that as little people know as possible beforehand about my test as I am bricking it here on my own, nevermind with the rest of the world knowing about it and the mass of ‘good luck’ texts I would get too. Suppose that’s just a whole part of the ‘avoiding damage limitation’ on the (un)likely chance that I actually do not pass.

I have all the technical questions side down to a ‘t’ which is mainly owed to the many years spent with my dad being his ‘right hand rag passer’ while he checked the oil level, topped up the brake fluid and such like. At the time I would have rather being off doing something else but the knowledge and information that he passed on while I held that rag some how does seem to have stuck with me and however much I thought then and now I will never use this as I won’t be there under the bonnet on the drive, the car will be in the garage being seen to by a mechanic, it’s actually now paying off. So linking to another of my blogs that’s something else I am thankful of.

The drive last night seemed to go well (not only in my eyes but of those of my instructor, Mike), this being indicated with a few sneaky ‘well dones’ and even a ‘f*cking perfect’. I nearly passed out. He has only ever said that to me once before and that was after a conversation about the weekend and his antics, so I wasn’t sure if it was playing reference to that or my driving the first time. I took it, as I am sure many would, to be about my driving. Not really one for giving praise he was soon back on top form to try with all his might to take away last nights ‘f*cking perfect’ but I wasn’t having any of it. From that point it all was. This time I was keeping hold and that I sure did.

In one respect I am really looking forward to my test but on the other hand it’s kind of the end in a way too. After spending between 4 and 6 hours a week cooped up in a tiny mini, two 6ft2 men, it’s nearly over. (other than the 6 hours of advanced driving skills lessons I am going to put him through the torture of teaching me. Just for the fun of it. Just to annoy him that little bit longer.) I am going to miss the mad little chats behind the wheels, my stories about places that we pass, the constant sarcastic comments, jibes, taunts and the very thin on the ground ‘well dones’.

But there we have it, it’s just another brick and a MINI adventure and with a bit of luck by 11.30am today it’s one that I can cross off the wall.

** Just a little note. If you live near the test centre at it’s between 10.30am and 11.30am I would advise you stay off the roads. During those times today they belong to me!!! lol **


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