Day One. Time to rise…

Posted: September 1, 2011 in About Me

So here it is…

After two whole days of trialling out the ‘get back into work routine’ procedure it is finally here, today. The day that I have to go back!

If you asked me what I have actually done through the holidays I think I would find it hard to answer, especially with anything rewarding or even of any merit really. The majority of it was spent either doing one of three things; sleeping, wandering around town or driving lessons. I mean, it’s not the highlights of anyones break now is it?

So there we have it, the six weeks has finally come to an end. The day when parents across the country can’t wait, but the pupils and staff that work in education long to stay away. It’s here and to me also symbolises the closeness of the Autumn dark nights. Through the summer I have been used to waking up to the sun breaking through the blinds in my bedroom and the birds (seagulls) chirping (squawking) outside the window. Not for the past three mornings though (this one included). I have actually had to turn on the light in the bedroom to see the floor. It’s as though even Mother Nature is sad to see the children return to school. (not to mention the thousands upon thousands of Educational workers).

So as I get up, back into the old routine, pack my ‘school’ bag, slide the bread into the toaster and switch on the kettle it seems as though the summer break was months ago. Long gone. But now the countdown begins…


Seven weeks until October half term. Happy days!


Happy return to work day Education workers!! 🙂


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