The other side of the ‘pane’

Posted: September 3, 2011 in About Me

It all started on Thursday morning. It’s been a while since the last time I have done it, probably talking a few weeks rather than months. There we were in Costa Coffee on the fringe of Liverpool One enjoying breakfast. It considered of a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea and a croissant. We were sat in the window watching the world go by. The time was 8.30am. Many were on their way to work, others doing either the walk of shame or the stride of pride ( I am guessing. I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of this kind of thing) and there we saw the world of Liverpool pass us by.

As I took a small sip from my cup first passed the gym buff gym. This was evident from the outfit he was wearing, consisting of shorts and a somewhat tight muscle top (all in black) with oversized bag and protein shake in the other hand. He went on by.

A woman in a suit was soon to follow. About 5ft3 in height, again all in black, apart from a white top underneath the jacket. She walked stooped over and with a look of complete anger upon her face. That, or the look of dread of having to hit work at 8.30am on a Thursday morning, but upon her feet were not shoes, but a pair of bright pink flip-flops!! It just finished off the site immensely.

The post van came and went and a number of buses passed the corner with the occasional blast of the corner as pedestrians dared to risk the road when the green man wasn’t lit. The city was, again, beginning to come to life. The security van, with the security man with black box in hand, handcuffed to his arm and helmet tightly upon his head passed by. A security guard from the jewellers opposite arrived and waited for the female key holder as she unlocked the shop door.

A girl with pink flashed hair came into view and headed into the Tesco store close by to grab her latest dose of the trashy magazines that were poking out of her bag as she walked past after leaving.

I took another sip…

The queue in the coffee shop was growing and again was made up of all walks of society. Many picking up a coffee to go  while others took their chosen seat in the store and waited patiently while their bread was toasted and buttered and delivered to their table. Many with the ‘metro’ under arm. Holding it as though they were afraid to lose their vital copy.

My cup was empty and my croissant gone. It was time to go. To start the day. To return to work, but unlike many that passed I did have a smile on my face and mine wasn’t painted, for once. I was looking forward to getting back into it. The story may be different though in a few weeks time but who knows.

I had forgotten how interesting grabbing a coffee or tea and sitting in a window could be. Drinking it slowly while the world on the other side of the ‘pane’ rushes by. Maybe do it again on Saturday?


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