33 days and counting…

Posted: September 7, 2011 in About Me

What do you mean it’s only Wednesday, or as some know it the peak of the week or even the hump!

How can it be that I am feeling like I have not slept for the past three nights and feel like I have pulled all nighters with a sledge-hammer?! Is this the effect returning to work has on you, I think I need to have some more time off!! I suppose it all started with the ‘jump’ straight back into work. No easy first day back, just a massive dive into the pool that is known as school life. Odd really that within the space of five minutes, 12 parents, 6 lost children and 3 crying as though they are trying to fill a reservoir makes you feel like you have never been away!! That said on the plus side at least it’s spent the last three days raining or god only knows what I would have done!?!

So here we are, the start of what is another school year and the mark of my five and a half years of gracing the corridors of FPS. A time that’s been filled with many days of laughter, smiles, tears, threats and leaking roofs. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but then at other times it feels like it’s been a life sentence. Welcome Class of 2011, come in. Dry off. Take your seats and let your future begin…


It’s only 33 days until half term.


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