Busy Times, Hidden Quests and an empty pint glass.

Posted: September 17, 2011 in About Me

It’s the usual look forward to the weekend as it is with every weekend and the thought of having two days of rest, although it doesn’t appear to be like that for this one. It’s going straight from a busy working week to an action packed weekend with trips here, there and everywhere. It all started way back before the summer holidays. The planning of the Zumba-thon at work. A way to bring in the extra money. The date was set.  A good date as it seemed nothing else was due to, or had been planned to, take place on that weekend. This weekend.

This was all about to change. The closer the weekend was coming the more things seemed to be planned for it. Invites to family occasions, Indian weddings down south, pass plus driving lessons, invites for dinner, saturday night drinks, not to mention the friday night drinks too. The question is, how to decide which of the activities to go to or do and which to gently decline in a sensitive way.

In some respects it was easy. Zumba day at work was already there and I had agreed to assist in it (not take part) so that was a non mover. The Indian wedding down south was not someone who I knew but the opportunity to meet a range of people who I might be getting to know but due to not being able to head down that way on Thursday evening that was the first decline. Along with that though came thoughts of what the person I was asked by might think, but they were soon sorted. All is well there. The pass plus driving lesson was a re-arrangement from Tuesday night after a cancellation and with it being the first time of driving since passing my test I really want to do it. So that’s booked in and happening this evening. This then helped with two other things. An early night so that I am fresh for Sunday and the next reason to decline drinks and a ‘chat’ on saturday night. Although I do have to admit that I didn’t give the ‘I have a pass plus driving lesson in the evening for an hour which will mean I can’t go out until 9pm at the earliest’ speech, it was more of a ‘well of all the weekends in the year to pick, you ask me on my busiest’ followed by a  list of activities I have planned which would prevent me for going for the drink and chat proposed. Which then was followed by a response of ‘are you making all that up?’ but honestly I am not and wasn’t. All the activities in the list are taking place this weekend. God knows where I am going to fit in sleep, ironing, cleaning, washing etc.

So Monday morning might be fun. I might be the dead man walking. That’s if I make it that far. If I do, I’ll see you the other side of this action packed weekend and hope that you all enjoy whatever is filling (or not filling) yours!


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