Flip of a coin

Posted: September 25, 2011 in About Me, life
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what is it in life that leads us to make our choices and decisions. Let’s take love. The thought of meeting that special someone to enjoy time with, have special memories with and build a life with.
Why is it that you can meet someone that seems to be the ideal but for an unknown reason decide it’s not going to work? Is it very much like the rule of “within 4 second you have made up your mind” deciding mainly by the look and ‘peacocking’ that’s taking place!
Even with that choice taken care of, it can still be turned. Meet that person who you think is right but then slowly over time (talking weeks) things take a turn. For what can seem an unknown reason things slide and slip. That choice that seemed to be right, suddenly can seem so stupid and wrong. Then on the other hand there’s the times you seem to meet the slightly wrong, or not so sure, person and over that same time period, if you take the plunge, things can improve or go in the opposite direction you thought they would and that attraction can begin to grow. Grow into something bigger. But why?
What is it that makes us actually make the decisions that we do? What is it that in a moments thought could make a change in our life’s for the good or the bad. How do we decide and should we take it all on board? Should we give more time to our choices or is it just a path that we follow that’s already been laid for us?
It could be compared to the flip of the coin. The way we sometimes make choices when we think we can’t make up our minds. For that split second when the coin flies into the air we all know what we want. We, in that time know whether we hope for the coin to land on heads or for it to fall showing tails, we know what we want, don’t we, or is it just we don’t want to admit it??

So who’s ready to flip that coin…


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