One flat pack & a sore foot

Posted: October 8, 2011 in life

It all started a while ago when the bedroom drawers fell through. Mainly due to the excess amount of clothing I had stuffed into them. I needed some new ones badly as the bedroom was becoming to look like a jumble sale. I like things to be tidy and in their place. This just wasn’t working for me.

The mission was set that Matt, on his day off, was heading to IKEA to buy a rug and standard lamp for the living room so added to this list was a set of bedroom drawers. Three drawers, fairly deep and in either white or black. The outline had been given and hopefully that’s what would return. Luckily they did. A set of drawers, white, three deep drawers in flat pack. The box was heavy, I learned later on, and was in the boot of the car. Being helpful I left the apartment and headed down to the front main door into the block. My thought was that he needed to carry the box across the street, somehow hold open the door, walk through it, make sure it was closed behind him, then get them up the stairs. As I left the apartment I grabbed my canvas shoes, slipped them on and headed down. At the other side of the door was what seemed to be a box floating in mid-air. I opened the door. Greeted him with a ‘hello’, stepped backwards for him to make it through the door with the box and uttered the words ‘ are you sure that box is heavy?’ This was a mistake. The turning point for the box. It began to wobble, slip and slide and somehow flew out of his hands and landed corner point down upon my canvas-covered foot. The pain was immense. I couldn’t speak, nor could I move. I just looked at Matt open-mouthed and eventually managed to utter ‘yeah. it. is. just. a little bit. heavy’ He didn’t speak. He didn’t move at first, but eventually bent down and picked the box from my foot. I felt like it was stuck to the floor. Glued with bostik super glue to the marble flooring below it. I stood still.

Eventually the feeling came back into it and we could move from the entrance. I thought it be safer to go up to the apartment via the lift rather than the stairs to reduce the risk of further injury. This was managed successfully, we made it in. The box was then placed in the most awkward place in the apartment to begin construction. The outer cover torn off and littered the floor (not by me) and the wood pulled free, piled and the screws let free from their plastic prison bag. Assembly began.

It seems to be that there are two kinds of assembly people when it comes to the flat pack. The ones that rip open the box, throw bits all over the place and then randomly select pieces they think will slot together to make the furniture, and then there are the others. The ones that rip open the box, free the pieces of wood, place them in piece size order and look at the instructions. On this occasion of construction we had both. Matt being the first and me being the latter. It even resulted to getting a hammer from the well stocked tool box I have (I know, hard to believe but it’s true! I am actually fairly good with DIY) and pieces of wood not designed to go where they were placed, being hit to force them to fit. I allowed this to happen for approximately 5 minutes before saying ‘Matt, it’s not for there. The screws are in the wrong place, the wood dowling is too and you have that the wrong way round. Watch…’ This became a phrase that seemed to slip regularly from my tongue throughout the whole of the construction process. I do though have to say that he did listen and when given instructions did follow well. It took around an hour to build this new set of drawers and position them where I wanted them to go. The construction was over and so was Matt’s role in it. It somewhat fell to me to complete the task by re-filling them with the items that had been removed. Not that hard really and along the way I found clothes that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Not all that bad in the end, other than the snow effect from the polystyrene and the sore foot, which, by the way, after 5 days is still a little tender, but I’ll survive.


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