Let the table see the potato…

Posted: October 9, 2011 in About Me

So here we were, it’s Saturday and the day that my arena virginity is broken. Hand held by the lovely Jojo we planned to go see Paddy. The day started with drinks in the afternoon, meal at the docks and then heading to the arena. This isn’t the start of the story though. Months ago the tickets were ordered. In March to be precise. It took a while before they arrived but they did. I placed them in what I thought would be a safe place and ‘forgot’ about them. Never to look at them again. Then the other night, while sat watching TV, I thought it best to get the tickets and just double-check the time and date on them. They were nowhere to be seen. This then lead to a full overhaul of the apartment. Everything pulled out, every nook and cranny checked for the missing Paddy tickets, but no, they weren’t here. They had vanished. I broke the news to Jojo and she seemed to take it well. I on the other hand was annoyed at the thought that they had vanished. I spent the day thinking where I could have put them, so much so that as soon as I arrived home from work the search began again! Still no tickets. Two phone calls later to the arena and they agreed that they could re-print them as long as I went with photo ID and the card I bought them on. I did this, only to be told to come back the day of the show when they would print them off!! (please, why can’t the call centre staff have given this information)

The day arrived. Tea and cake at Brew, Bold Street. We started it sophisticated. This was before heading off into town to buy a birthday present then hit a bar for cocktails and people watching. We swiftly moved on and ended in the Irish bar Shenanigans where Jojo seemed a little taken aback at the thought I would take her to ‘such a place’, it wasn’t seen as a place I would drink, but to be honest with its bikes hanging from the roof, newspaper wall paper and open fire it’s a bit like grandma’s house and a quant place to go for a drink. Not to mention always a friendly atmosphere. The drinks were ordered. Half pint of lager Shandy for the girl (which for some reason came in a pint glass, full to the rim) and a vodka for myself. We found seats. Ones that creaked and moved with you at the slightest shift. Thoughts passed our minds that at any point we could be in a heap on the floor surrounded by antique wood from the chairs giving way from years of use. We survived this and to be honest just added to the feel and effect of the place. My drink was at an end and Jojo still had three-quarters to go so I did what any guy would do. Left her there while I went home to get changed!!

We headed to the dock to grab food. Our usual jaunt when out. The places were busy and full but eventually we found refuge at Pan-Am where in the over heated restaurant we took our seat. Still playing on my mind the fact that the tickets were lost, nowhere to be found. The only result I could see to this query was that they had made their way into the bin somehow and were sitting in a rubbish dump in the North West. We ate. We drank and we headed off. The ticket office our next destination. I queued. Got the tickets and time to enter. My first time. I had never passed the doors before. Entered this venue but by now we were in. We were in the queue for drinks and sweets. I selected after a mind block. Went to pay and they refused. What do you mean a venue like this doesn’t accept cards??!!! The cash machine was visited and then attempt two was under way. We made it. we purchased and made our way to the seats. A good view. A good spot and still in only part of the arena it was still large! We then had an hour to go before the start.

The warm up were clips of Max and Paddy and Phoenix Nights on the big screen. it was funny and seemed to warm us all up. Then the lights suddenly dropped. we were sat in pitch black, unable to see if I was drinking Jojo’s J20 or my delicately flavoured water drink. Paddy appeared and within ten minutes was gone! The show was over, or was it…… Oh Paddy you play with us!

Many belly laughs came, many passed and everyone seemed to be enjoying the fun and laughter. The comments and what added to it more was the fact that those sitting around didn’t seem to always grasp what he was saying for a time delay of 3 minutes, at which point they would then laugh hysterically. Not to mention Jojo’s dirty laugh echoing off the walls of the arena. A must see for anyone that wants a good chuckle!

  1. Potatoes gurih, nikmat, delicious.

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