It’s the holidays, or so I thought…

Posted: October 25, 2011 in About Me, life
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So here we have it. Tuesday. Although I do keep thinking its a Monday but that’s probably got something to do with me supposedly being on holiday from work.
The weekend never spanned the way We thought it would do and all the best made plans flew out of the window just like the flower pot out on the balcony from the sixth floor did last night in that rather gusty wind.
All planned that this weekend (three days off for M, a week for me) we would do something nice. Then disaster struck. The washing machine broke. New parts coming Saturday. About lunch. No worries, we can still have a lie in and a look round town, or something! No. Too late. Wrong rota planning sees me sat home alone waiting for the washer man and a late night cooked meal of sausage traybake.
The washer man came. After a 20 mile detour after forgetting where he was going! Looked at the washer, decided its either the pump or the mother board. back Monday
A night on the sofa after a hard day at work followed, although I wasn’t tired. I was wide awake. After all, all I had done all day was sit in and wait for “washer man” then pop into town to make dinner. I had started to get the feeling of the life of a battery hen (not saying this apartment is tiny or anything but…) so the evening was spent with the TV!
Sunday mornings and new kettles came and went. A nice walk around the city and a look at the Bluecoat passed by. DVD buying took us through the night with sherlock Holmes and a single man (on offer at HMV).
Monday was the day to clear it all. The third day off together and to do something except the arrival of the new bed in the morning and the washer man coming at lunch. We were up by 8, just incase. Madness I know but when things are in the mind I have come to realise there’s just no point in me arguing the fact that the bed isn’t going to arrive at 8am!! best to just go with the flow and hang in there…
Then came the phone call at 9. Bed man not coming, can’t make it. But on the bright side the apartment has been cleaned from top to bottom. It’s spotless and shiny. The floor so slippery you have to walk slowly just incase you fly across it out through the open balcony door (to aid drying) pirouette over the railings and land face down in the old prison courtyard below (judges at the ready with their score cards… 5.3, 6.2 and 5.7 not bad going for the first and final attempt by contestant one…) This wasn’t good news and a re book led to Tuesday morning. Which then in a snowball effect led to a rearrangement of Tuesday mornings plans, so let’s hope it happens to turn up!
The afternoon was thrown out by the washing machine man (due lunch, phoned him at 1.30pm), still at home. Has jobs to do there before coming. Going to be more like 4pm now than 1pm….no sh@t Sherlock seen as its already passed 1pm!! This news didn’t go down well. This time more in my court as we had planned to go car shopping. Planned to head off into the unknown world of the motorcar, mainly known as the mini dealership, to have a “look”. Maybe on a side note this was a good thing as I feel with the power of persuasion beside me we could of been walking out with a brand new car!!
The evening arrived and it was time to relax. A meal of chicken stir fry was the order of the day (pre prepared veg from m&s, a range of options to decide from but in the end I went for the summer medley, mainly due to the way they had chopped the carrot. I liked it. Sad I know but that’s how it worked last night) a third DVD and we stopped half way through. “can you hear that?” I said. “no”, “well listen and you will”. It was a dropping sound. Like water in the bath, sink or down a pipe. The bathroom was checked…. All fine. Kitchen…..fine. Bedroom (where there is no water source, except in a glass usually most nights….fine. Utility room….wet. There was water all over the floor and the drip coming from the water pipe. It was from the cold water feed to the washer. The washer fixer man had not connected properly and led to covering the floor with water! It was everywhere. Out came the mop bucket, the ironing board, Hoover, boxes and other such items (they were in the way not part of the water cleaning up process) and on went the cleaning mind. The annoyed head and angry voice. I gave the orders and took over. (sometimes its the best thing to do. Within ten minutes it was dry. Everything back in the cupboard and back on the sofa to relax. Or so I thought. No. Out came the laptop and an e-mail typed regards a flood, I’ll connected pipes and annoyance at being messed about. The floodgates had been opened. It was best for me to sit back, keep tight lipped and let him get out the anger.
So here I sit now, waiting for the bed. Due to be delivered before 11am. The old one removed. The pipe in the utility room re dried and me ready after to head off to work. Yes work, in the holidays. Being kind and helpful allowing staff in to get bits completed for the second half of half term. Then home to re check the pipe and start dinner.

I’m just hoping the bed arrives or god knows what’s going to happen tonight. It might be best to take cover! (that’s not been thrown out!)


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