All for the Child-Catcher

Posted: October 29, 2011 in About Me, life

after hours of queuing (well ten minutes) to get into a shop (madness I know) I eventually got in and got the item I needed. (one black hat) The list got longer, as I was on the phone to Jojo at the time who requested I purchased her a new nose (as I did) then left. I found myself in the deepest darkest depths of St Johns. Not the shopping centre but the actual market. On entry I held my bre…ath as there was an odd smell of rotting food, chav perfume, fake tan and old people escaping through the doors every time that they opened. Once inside I forgot the day, time and even decade I was in. My whole bearings were whipped away from me in the same way that an evil aunt or child catcher would snatch sweets or a child from the streets. I wandered around the many ‘stalls’ looking. Hunting for two items. Even on the ‘grave dressing’ stall I could not find the tackiest flowers for me to use. I left there empty-handed. I found myself in a wig stall. Maybe here I should explain more that I need such item for Monday morning at school. It was heer that I realised this wasn’t my first venture into this area of the city, it was actually my second. The first being the time James F was on the hunt for a black wig, high heels and stockings* ( I didn’t ask as I didn’t want my mind warping in any way. Sometimes it’s best to allow things to remain behind closed doors), again I left empty-handed.
My creation though, incase you were wondering, is now complete thanks to a trip to Poundland, or world (I’m not sure which as my eyes were tightly shut as I ventured in with the unwashed…) oh and I survived.

My next task is a shower. Bleach at the ready just incase it’s needed. The things we do for work!!

* the reference made regards James F relating to high highs, wigs and stockings should be in no way taken to mean that he is a cross dresser or a drag queen. To be honest I am not sure if he is, or isn’t either of these things, but I wanted to include this disclaimer just in case. Nor is it a valid reason to heckle him in the streets of Liverpool or through fruit at him (yes this also includes tomatoes). It merely is a reference to a time that James F went to watch the Rocky Horror and also paid a visit to a Transvestite clothing store to find shoes large enough to fit his size ten feet. (yes he had tried Primark and surprisingly enough they don’t do size 10 lady high heels….)

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