Christmas Lists

Posted: October 29, 2011 in About Me

I knew that it would be coming soon. Mainly due to the fact that it was lightly touched upon the other evening while sat watching TV. Christmas and all that it brings. It was a slight conversation on this years plans. What we would be doing, when work ended and started up again and the dreaded Christmas List. The thought of having to give ideas of what people can buy you for Christmas does fill me wityh a little dread. Usually for two reasons, the first being that I never actually know what I want there and then when they ask (or even a few weeks after them asking) and then if I do think of something whether it’s actually cheeky to say ‘this is what I want’. I think this is made worse when you have recently started to see someone and the festive period is coming up, as in my case at the moment. Birthdays have come and gone and that was hard enough of what to buy, but then comes the one question I hate the most ‘what do you want for Christmas’ followed by ‘can you make me a list of the things so that I can get a few’

This was met by a warm small and the words ‘yeah of course, I’ll sort that out for you so that you know.’ I wasn’t expecting that it was needed within two days of being asked for. A list of all the things I would like for Christmas. My mind at the point, as well as now, was and is blank. I can’t think. then came the questions in my head:

What do I put on the list?
What do I actually want?

To test the water I did throw in the ‘well you know what I really want. A mini. A mini cooper. Full size, in black, grey or blue. In fact any colour, that’s what I really want.’

The reply of ‘Yeah like that’s going to happen’ was expected and also gave me a limit to work for. Obviously we aren’t working to a £23,000 Christmas budget then. Looks like the mini is going to be a little bit longer of a wait!

It then lead to me thinking ‘well how much are we talking, can I put down a new coat?, sky diving lessons?, things like that or is it best to stay small; a pencil, a pen, note pad, tea bag…’ to which the reply was ‘Christmas is about giving and receiving to show you care, not about price. I may spend £300 on you and you only £50 on me, it’s not about the money, it’s the show of care’ I wasn’t saying it was about the money at all. I just wanted clarification of what things could go on.

but that doesn’t help me in what can go on my list. All I wanted was an idea of things to include. The list has to be completed by 7pm tonight. So far there are two things on it. Things I was asked if I would like.

Maybe my face showed worry when the question was first asked as a few random suggestions were thrown into the air along with me blurting ‘well where’s your list for me? What do you want? Tell me now…’ So kind of forced, in a role reversal way to tell me there and then what was wanted I got an idea of the things to add. But still I am struggling.

‘Think books…’ – I am trying, but at the minute there aren’t any books that I would say ‘oh buy this for me’, just because on your list there are 30 listed doesn’t mean that I find it that easy.

‘Think practical’ – I have. I tested you with that one. The mini, but it’s a no go. Other practical items I can think of include towels, new bed linen and aftershave. But that makes me feel old. I mean, bed linen… but aftershave, that’s on the list.

I even thought a friend could help me in my quest to make the list. To at least give me some ideas of the things I could have upon it. The first suggestion was a mini. The second was not to ask for jeans (mainly due to the fact I own loads already and the other day added to the collection with more pairs), aftershave (already on the list), vodka…….maybe, tickets to a show. But then that means I have to take him with me, don’t I? lol

So here I am, throwing it open, does anyone have any ideas of what I could have on my list?


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