Posted: November 14, 2011 in About Me

The debate has begun on what the best thing to do is. First came the discussions at home of the ‘need’ for a MINI. Slightly encouraged by my other half I built up in my head the fact that I now NEED one, not just want one. Even to the point that on a nightly basis newspaper clippings with offers, fliers with ample figures being passed into my hand…..I now NEED my MINI!

The discussions continued and it was then changed to ‘don’t get one until after Christmas, you will get a good deal then’, but to me, the current offer, seems to be a good one. Completely and utterly confused by the conflicting information I am getting from home!

So where next…. well why not discuss it with Mum number 3 at work. Give her the info, after all she is the finance woman and will know what she is on about. ‘Get a loan, don’t take theirs’ came her reply and so as any good lad would I checked out the loans on offer from the three banks that I bank with. Still the MINI APR fixed offer beat the rates offered, but no, don’t go for it yet. We need more info….. that’s ok though as I have ampful at home. My pockets, bag and coats are filled with paper giving the info and now, all that, is going to come crashing onto your desk in the morning.

It seems now that the MINI offer is a good one.

The third person to ask, the one that knows it all, is my dad. I set him the challenge of looking into the insurance aspect to see if he could get me a good deal (he likes doing things like that) so off he went. The information would be shared on Saturday when he was due to visit with my mum, two nephews and niece. The information wasn’t forth coming at all and later transpired that it was due to an internet failure resulting in him being unable to do this search. This to me wasn’t a big set back though as I had done my research and had a rough idea of the cost, so onto stage two of the MINI purchase and out came the brochures. ‘Just read those dad, what do you think?’ He was set on task and as all dad’s do read the three thick booklets from cover to cover. After a long time I asked what he thought and in typical dad style replied ‘bet these brochures cost a bit to print, thick paper, high gloss finish, they go to town on these…’

So here I am still at the dilemma of the MINI. Dad thinks it’s a good idea, the other half did too, but now has moved to if you want to buy it now then do that but I would wait until after Christmas ‘camp’ and me, well, I am just left wondering.


I just don’t know what to do!


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