Where are we now?

Posted: December 5, 2011 in About Me

So here I sit early on a Monday morning, after lying awake in bed for about an hour. Listening to the sounds around me. The wind howling around the metal structure of the balcony outside the bedroom window, the flag on the council building blowing in the wind, the quarter chimes of the clock through out the night and the gentle breathing of my other half lying next to me in a deep sleep. Not me though, I lie there wide awake.

Many thoughts going through my head. Christmas, new jobs, moving, driving, the week ahead, the reason I find myself wide awake at 5am on a Monday morning. The thought of the bags under my eyes by lunch kind of turns my stomach. I mean, come on, it’s not like I was blessed with the looks in the queue and now to add to that I am lying here wide awake!

May as make time to analysis the situations. Rank them in my head and slowly mark off the ones that I know I can sort, right here, right now. The rest will just take time and that’s something that I am not always good with. waiting.

Christmas. To be honest this one is almost boxed off and wrapped. The main worry of telling my mum that I won’t be arriving until Christmas Day (she has taken this to mean about 10am… I have taken it as about lunch) has been sorted. A few hints dropped. Then the phone call last night just to fully cement that fact that it WILL be Christmas day! She seemed to take it well and focused more on the car and asking questions about that for some reason?! Just down to the presents. I thought I was all sorted but I am far from it! I do have some bought and they are mainly wrapped. The ever increasing presents for Matt are still growing, the kids presents are all purchased except for my 13 year old nephews who hasn’t been the smallest bit helpful in what to buy him, my gran’s has yet to come but no doubt will end up being the same as most years and as for my brother and sisters presents…

The rest mainly is a waiting game. It all falls on next Monday. Whether it’s a yes or a no and whether it’s accepted. Who knows what will happen then. Will it be a move? A new job for me or stay here? Will it be accepted? Will it be a turning point, I am sure it will, but how? who knows!

All I know is that February Half Term, to date, we are both off work which should be good. But again that’s a waiting game too. That wall depends on the new job and what happens there.


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