Christmas is here…

Posted: December 17, 2011 in About Me
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It’s that time of year again where the cold has truly set in, the heating is switched on, unless you are in my partners house who insists that the heat from the oven after cooking is enough to heat the apartment, is on full whack!!

It’s been a busy one this year, not only with the temporary position in work, hopefully reverting back to normal after the festive holiday, but also with the wrapping, present buying, new car selecting, christmas productions, parties, discos and somewhere between all that trying to fit in a little sleep!

Well the majority is over. Work has finished for an epic two weeks for the festive period and I think we can all say that we are pleased on that front. We seem every year to add extra pressure on ourselves with trying to out do the antics of last year. The Year 6 performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ taking up a great deal of time not only for staff but pupils too. Late nights for two evening performances keeping us in school until well after 9.30pm. I know that some out there would say that’s not late, but when you have been in there from 7.30am it kind of makes the day seem never ending. It seemed to go down a storm. The kids loved doing it and the parents, carers and members of the community that came to watch thought it was fabulous.

Added to this came the Christmas parties. The party day to end all party days. And to make things just that little bit more hectic it seemed that everything else was planned for this day too. Maybe this was an oversight in the planning of the festive activities to think that if things happened on the same day then it might be easier….. I am not sure! The day was rounded off by the usual end of term disco, enjoyed by many children and pumped full of e-numbers and crisps which were on sale….healthy school….. but it’s Christmas!!

‘He’s behind you!!!’…. well maybe he wasn’t when over 250 pupils hit the seats of the Royal court to watch this years performance of Snow White. The planning and preperation that goes into this is immense. The number of children trying to get their hands on a ticket, the management of money coming in, the allocation of seats to a year group, organising the buses to get there, completion of risk assessments, allocation of staff places ( I didn’t go. I like a quiet afternoon at school to get things done) all brilliantly managed by Miss Worsell. The children loved it, and I am sutre that the adults did too.

‘Baby Jesus was born in our school hall……at least 4 times!!’ It’s the usual Christmas nativity story, some with a slight twist this year too. Ranging from children in Nursery telling the story of the Nativity to children in year 4 doing the same. Mix in a few Christmas carols, candles and an interpretation of the twelve days of Christmas and hey presto you have the carol service too. The children and staff worked hard to show off their talents and this was rewarded with endless amounts of chocolate, sweets and not so fizzy pop!

To add to the madness of preparing and planning everything else we decided also to hold a community dinner. Invites were sent to the older members of the community, staff and governors. The kitchen team spent the afternoon cooking, peeling and steaming various foods to be served. We were entertained by two singers, one a parent governor and the other a past pupil. It was a good night and seemed to be enjoyed by all. I have a feeling that this may be a new permenant fixture in the Christmas social calandar!

So the doors have closed on work life for two weeks and in that aspect of life closed on 2011. The trimmings were taken down during our inset day yesterday and a tidy up was well under way. Years of collections made their way from the building and to that great big rubbish tip in the sky. All set to make space for more things we will hoard in 2012. History in the making, that in 5 years time, or longer, will be sorted through, sperated and either follow in the footsteps of it’s ancestors to the great big tip in the sky or be salvaged and be placed back in storage.

But it’s not over…

It’s all just about to begin at home. Frantic present wrapping for the family (they have all been purchased), preperation for our Christmas Day here in Liverpool, the long drive back home to see the family on Christmas Day, then the drive back to what is now my home. A visit to the shops is needed for food, and no doubt to add to the ciaos there will be trolley rage taking place in all aisles, the shelves will be bare as the store is closed for one day and people are scared of coping, but I am sure we will all have a great time. On the plus side I did eventually after my hunt for the dark chocolate orange get my hands on one, thanks to Lisa who spotted it in her local corner shop. So that wins me points!!


All that’s left to say is Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope that you all have the opportunity to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy yourselves. Now someone please pass over the vodka……I’m on my holidays!!


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