The kettle is on…

Posted: December 24, 2011 in life

It’s here on the eve of Christmas that I find myself sat thinking about the year that has passed. The fact that it is now the holiday and I am up and about already. Infact I was out of the apartment by 8.30am in a mere hope to catch the Parcelforce office who had attempted to deliver a parcel yesterday and somehow failed. Although I was in and they attempted it, apparently, at 7.45am.

The kettle is on, ready to make a brew of Yorkshire’s finest, while I contemplate packing my over night bag for the visit back home, what I will and what I won’t take. What I am going to wear tonight. What is suitable to drive home in tomorrow morning. How will the presents go down, both at home and ‘at home’. I wonder where the timers for the lamps have disappeared to and no amount of hunting for them has unearthed where they have become ‘hidden’. Not that I have paid that much attention to the finding of them if I am honest. In fact it has crossed my mind a few times in the last couple of days and a measly attempt at moving a few items hasn’t revealed them so this, I constitute, as looking.

The presents are all wrapped and the majority of them are placed under the tree. The only ones that remain are the ones that are heading home to mum and dads in the morning. The car has been cleaned both in and out, apart from the small patch on the passenger side at the rear, not sure why but I somehow managed to miss it in the car wash! Oh well, it’s not like I can see it so to me the car is clean. It smells great inside too thanks to the magic tree air freshener that is dangling in the rear. This leads to, without fail, Matt every time he gets in asking if I have soap powder in the car or something of that nature……yeah, we all have soap powder in our cars don’t we, or something of that nature! It’s the frigging air freshener….

While waiting for the kettle to boil I have been writing today’s do list to make sure that I don’t miss anything out.

Wash car

vac car

go to parcelforce depot to pick up item

vac apartment

mop kitchen floor

mop bathroom floor

Pick clothes to take tomorrow

Iron clothes taking tomorrow

Check Christmas presents…..have I bought for everyone that I need to buy for?

Empty car boot

Check tyre pressure on my car and Matt’s car

Buy wine to take tomorrow

Iron Matt’s work shirts for work on Tuesday

Sort out dinner

Take bacon out of the freezer for tomorrows breakfast

Unload dishwasher

Boil kettle to make a brew

Make a brew


Personally I think it’s all going well. To me there are a fair few things crossed off the list. The important things, well other than packing and deciding what to wear to go out tonight but that can soon be sorted. Just need to check the presents I suppose that’s an important one but at least the wine is bought and ready to go!

18 things to do on the list and 12 completed. I personally don’t think that’s bad going for a morning. After all it is Christmas and I am allowed to rest. Not that you would think so in our house. It’s like the days of living back at mum and dad’s and if either of them were up then they felt the rest of the house should be up and about too. Whatever the time. It’s the same in ours. It’s not my fault that I have a job where I have two weeks holidays over the festive period, which automatically entitles me to have a lie in until, well, after Jeremy Kyle has finished if i want to. It just means that you haven’t the right when you get up at 6am to head out to work, because you have a job where you are only off for 2 DAYS that every single light has to go on in the house, including the bedroom, along with banging doors and the TV turned up loud.



But it’s Christmas so I will let you off.  I suppose I best remember to add to the list to pick him up from work tonight at 6.30pm or he could be stranded there. Now I come to think about it could be a fun way, for me, to get him back for the past week of 6am wake up calls, but it’s Christmas….


…but there’s still time to think about it, but as for now, the kettles boiled so won’t be long.


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