Surround sound without the wires

Posted: December 30, 2011 in life
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This all started a few weeks ago now, not a purchase of a Sony state of the art surround sound system more one that seems to come “built in” into the apartment block. You see I have a neighbour who for some reason likes to have the television on the highest volume that’s humanly possible on her television set! It’s got to some levels recently that if we are on the same channel (I hasten to add its very rare) I am able to mute my tv and listen to the drones of hers through the ceiling.
I’m contemplating putting pen to paper and leaving a somewhat polite note in her pigeon hole (letter box) requesting a decrease in her volume so that when I settle upon my own sofa I don’t feel I have clicked the switch for a sub woofer linked to a Dolby surround sound system. I contemplate writing this in a somewhat more pleasant format, mind.
While lying in bed last night, listening to great expectations (I’m guessing sky plussed, or DVD box set, I wasn’t in bed at 9pm for clarity purposes) it did cross my mind to grace her landing and threshold demanding she reduced the volume immediately as others were trying to get some shut eye, not get enjoyment from the depressive mrs haversham, or the delights of watching Pip chase after his loved one… was after midnight after all (that and the fact that I myself had settled down, without the drone of her tv, at the bbc broadcasted time to watch such a delight). At this thought I must have at some point drifted off to sleep…

…this, however, broken this morning when once again the TV was switched back on. I can only guess while getting ready for work. (something I don’t do myself in a morning. I don’t seem to have the time to add TV to my morning
“get ready for work preparation” time). More annoyingly the fact that today being the first day that I don’t have to get up to head off to the shops, drive somewhere, go pick something up, today was about a lie-in and relaxation. Something I dread to think about at 7am when rudely awakened by the tones of Beyonce and “her ring” now including her latest recruit as a backing singer, my neighbour!!!
It seems that silence has fallen back upon us, maybe she has headed out to work, which in turn means I can return to getting some shut eye. The pen to paper will come later, when I’ve thought of how best to word it.


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