Operation 365

Posted: January 4, 2012 in About Me, life, odd requests of 2011
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So the clock struck midnight on new years day and I can honestly say I had completed one thing in 2011. I didn’t think I would. I thought I would give up around July when I first started and on a regular basis questioned whether the photos depicted my life as some looked rather boring to say the least, but I carried on. I forged through and can now say I completed it. Operation 365 (2011) is over and there’s a photo for every day of that year.

If you look across the top of my blog page there’s a section labelled 365, nestled next to children’s stories and another list I can’t actually recall as I type this. I have, if honest, been poor at uploading the pictures into my blog but there are some there. I am making it my mission to up load them for all to see. Not sure they will mean much to many but every one has a story for me. A day in my some what boring life so I have come to discover!

The next project, I bet you can’t wait….

A view through a door. The excitement. I can feel it. It took hours of planning and thought. My first idea of random pictures of strangers had too many flaws in it, so thought best to play safe.


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