Out with the old and in….with someone else’s rubbish?!?

Posted: January 5, 2012 in About Me
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After a hard day at the office, or in my case school, I arrived home under strict instructions that I was to prepare dinner but on this occasion there were no step by step instructions. I was, for once, being left to ‘free fly’ this one.  Everything was underway when the buzzer to the apartment sounded. The imminent arrival was home. Dinner as far from ready and at the rate it was going forward it would be more 10pm we would be settling down to eat. Fear not all was not lost.

The buzzer the the apartment block once again wasn’t working and resulted a ‘meet’ on the lower level car park. I arrived but there was no sign. I mean, after all from the front door we are talking a 30 second walk, like that takes all week. I opened the door and was met by an excited scream, a shout that echoed the whole floor, ‘look. come look at this, shall we have it?’ Treasure had been found amist the mound of Christmas Trees appearing near the rubbish chute of the block and nestled between two non drop specimens was a cast iron (painted white, contempaorary looking) planter. It looked good and we agreed that after dinner, maybe at 11pm, we would venture back to claim our ‘treasure’ (and add to the growing forest of trees when we deposit ours (after dark so we are not caught by the security that keep us safe in the block).

On arrival to the apartment it was commented on how lovely dinner was smelling and to be honest as you walked the stairwell you could smell it. Not bad James, not bad!!! It was heer the questions began. How long? Did you do?? The only thing that I had forgotten was the garlic but hey, it’s not great loss. We will survive without it. (or maybe not, who knows?) I was also informed that dinner would be ready well before 9pm, even though I had followed the cooking times on the chicken, it was stated that they are not to be trusted and that we can easily shave at least half an hour off. (something that doesn’t really sit well with me when it comes to food. A little like dates on items, they are there for a reason and the last thing we need is food poisoning, but…)

Dinner was eaten, the tree stripped of the remaining items on it and it was time to venture to the site of our treasure find. On the way we both admired our tree, commenting on the quality, shape, style and the fact that it didn’t lose any needles. It was a good buy. We arrived at the ever growing forrest and placed it in the ‘clearing’ between a few other trees and looked. It was here that you could see the inspiration of a ‘Dulux colour chart’. All the trees giving a different shade of green.

Our treasure was still there. No one else had claimed it, so here it was we decided it was ours. Time to move it. It was heavy. It looked light but was deceiving to the eye. We made our way (slowly) to the lift carrying it (like the chuckle brothers…to me to you stylee) and into the apartment. It was here that the thoughts that had sat nestled within ones head all started to flow. We need sandpaper, hammerite, paint, soil, stones, plants, a bush, lights, at Christmas we can decorate it and have it twinkle in the sky…. someone’s little project.

A fact that someone else’s rubbish is someone else’s treasure, and a project in hand. The last question is… how long will it be before it gets started?


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