Saturday Shopping

Posted: January 7, 2012 in About Me, life
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It comes around every couple of weeks we carry out the fortnightly shop. It could at first be questioned why we trapse all the way to the other end of Liverpool to buy our groceries, and believe me I have questioned it too, but can you please point out the nearest supermarket that isn’t ASDA or Tesco, or Sainsbury’s that looks like it’s been pickled in it’s own brand vinegar just in case at some point a television show asks for a supermarket from the 80’s. Yes, you have guessed it dear readers, I am of course talking about the wonderful Sainsbury’s on Rice Lane, walton, with it’s wide aisles, oddly placed pharmacy, between the bakery and fish counter, and decor that is well in need of an up-date.

So here we are, finding ourseleves hitting the road and travelling the breadth of the city to shop at Morrisons. (there are issues regards shopping at ASDA and Tesco that I do not wish to go into. Not with me, but the other half). What’s more, to add to this confusion we usually carry out the shop either on a Sunday morning or a Tuesday morning as I am informed they are the best times to go as the shelves are full and the products are fresh on the shelf! Can anyone please tell me the last time they walked into their local supermarket and there wasn’t an item in there? Apparantly it CAN happen…

So here we are. Parked and with pound in hand ready to go purchase our usual fornightly items. On our way in we have a little joke about our parents always going on the same day and buying the same products, week in, week out. It doesn’t seem to sink in that it’s exactly what we are doing on a fortnightly basis, so much so that it’s always the same day and time we head through the doors. Even more so to the route that HAS to be taken (this apparantly helps to remember everything that needs to be bought), but please, again dear reader could someone please tell me why you can purchase potatoes but not walk to the other side of the fixture and buy peppers? why is it that the peppers can not enter the trolley until just before the checkout? Why is it that everything in the trolley has to sit in the correct place and in lines? Some might say that this is to help with the packing process when you eventually get to the checkout but no. In no way does this help as once arriving at the checkout the main sorting process begins to take place and the ‘bagging order’ kicks into action.

In my eyes, and yes they have been widely opened, the supermarket shop is a minefield not only in the fact that there might be bare shelves, but also on the front that if an item enters the trolley in the wrong order, or at the incorrect part of the shop, the risk of World War Three kicking off in Morrisons is clearly in view to see and hear. I have, after our first trip learned my place. That is to just push the trolley and follow but again this, what seems as a simple task, can create problems too. How do you squeeze a 4 foot wide wire trolley including the pusher through a 6inch gap between the cake stand and the frail old lady learning over to get her cream buns? …Apparantly I need to practice, it can be done!!

So here we are at the conclusion, that the shop may well be best done seperatly and that way I could have had an extra hour in bed. But in a fortnight it’s my turn to do the fortnightly shop. The only question on my lips is this, Are you in work that Sunday because if you are I think that’s when I will go do the shopping!!


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