Come in and take a seat…

Posted: January 30, 2012 in life

So here we are again. The alarm clock has sounded on another day and it’s time to get out of bed. Looking back over the last few weeks there’s been loads going on. Talks of moving, apartment viewing, work and interviews. It all seemed to be fitting together and things looking ‘good’ but that all soon changed by a misinterpretation of wording on a CV. The deal breaker so to speak that put the end to the new car, the new city and the new job. All I could do was listen and try to console. Hopefully I did this well, but this brings me to wonder how far some might go to stop others from getting a job? I mean, after all, it was the repeat of ‘as a team’ that was missing in the sentence which then lead to a grilling, followed by nerves stepping in.

So to the other side. The fact that today I take my seat on that interview panel. The fact that throughout the day 12 people will sit in front of me, answer a vast range of questions and leave feeling somewhat nervous and unsure if they gave the right answers and did their best. I, the panel member, will sit throughout the day with a smile on my face and nod when I feel and think it is appropriate to do so. (this mainly to stop me falling asleep)

So, come in and take a seat…. this is your time to shine. Tell me why YOU want a job HERE?


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