Love IS in the air.

Posted: February 7, 2012 in life
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It may have escaped your notice (especially if you are married) that it’s Valentine’s Day next Tuesday. Ah, me! St Valentine’s: what a better way to commemorate your love than via the exchange of a padded forever friends cards and a bogof tagliatelle at Ask?

But what to wear?

Sadly the white heat of technology has so far proved an insufficient firewall against the inescapable need to -at some point- meet up in the flesh with potential mates. Maybe in years to come will find a way for strangers to virtually impregnate each other and offline relationships will become a thing of the past. Until that point, dates – especially first dates- will remain the source of potential stress. They are one of those situations where you feel your identity may feel a bit in flux, just as you are required to sho off who you are, confidently. Style-wise this is a minefield.

So, in a bid to save your pennies/sanity/nascent relationship, here is my guide to date dressing.

  • Don’t (necessarily) buy something new. This is the night for favourite dresses, trousers, shoes, that make you feel happy every time you look at your feet and that ‘lucky’ belt you had on when you found out the pregnancy test you did with your ex was negative. Route it out, it’s in that wardrobe somewhere…
  • Don’t wear anything too weird, even if you are weird. A quick twitter survey of worst ever date outfits revealed a Technicolourdisplay of wrong: from a T-shirt boasting the legend ‘you can only read this if you are sitting on my face’ to pyjama bottoms (people of Liverpool take note!) and chef whites, I hasten to add-on a man outdoors who wasn’t even a chef! Maybe it’s best to slow it down and take your time to reveal your idiosyncrasies to your suitor?
  • Do be comfortable. Of course here we aren’t talking physically comfortable. Within six months or so you’ll both be watching The Dog Whisperer while eating curries of a tray in your dressing gowns. Enjoy the fantasy while it lasts. Emotional comfort is slightly different, and at this stage more important. Wear something cool but uncomplicated that you can put on and forget about.
  • Do wear something that has a story, if you have it. Not your first communion outfit, obviously. an item with history can be a good icebreaker.
  • Do bear in mind that you will be wearing it home – possibly the next morning in some cases. Without wishing to be indelicate, those in the early ‘will-we-won’t-we?’ stages of a love affair should avoid anything that may look unduly conspicuous on the number 21 bus at 8am. Not that I have done it or anything, but you might want to practice saying ‘I just wanted to dress up a little bit’ or ladies, stash a scarf in your handbag to tone it down. (Gents, wear the scarf as part of your outfit that evening, especially if it’s as cold as it has been the last few days, the runny nose look and bright red cheeks; it’s not the look!) and for similar reasons, new pants. Boys, it’s mainly you I am talking to here. New ones. Bought in a shop. There’s no need to check, go out, buy new and you can thank me later. It’s a good thing to do.


So as for me, the last date was quite a while back now and looking at the picture that appears in my mind I don’t think we did too bad. A late night arrival home after a hard day, a speedy dash into the bathroom with a few moans and whimpers as we might not make it out on time. Pre-planned clothes ironed and hung, thank god, a quick brush on the shoes and straighten of the hair and we were out. A good night. With new pants. Trust me, it works!  😉


Happy Valentine’s Day.

  1. Are you saying not to wear our new matching red with pink heart outfits?

    • jdjakey says:

      I suppose it depends if that’s what you are both happy with then go for it! Pull them on and wear them with love and pride. Don’t worry about the tables around you looking at you with strange looks, you’re in love! 😉

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