Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and if you’re planning on celebrating it with the traditional last-minute supermarket card and petrol station forecourt bunch of flowers, then think again.

Thanks to technology, there is no excuse not to treat the love of your life (or anyone you quite fancy the look of) to a day they’ll remember until you have to do it all over again in 12 months time. Assuming you’re still together.
So to ensure Cupid is firing those arrows firmly in the right direction, here are some top apps and websites to set you on the path to true love.

toptable – iOS/Android/Mobile – Free
If you don’t already own this app then you’re missing out on culinary delights galore. But it comes into its own on a night like Valentine’s. Select what type of food you fancy treating your partner to, and in a couple of clicks you can find a free table at a time of your choice and book it to await your arrival. You’ll get directions to the restaurant too as well as special offers and the chance to store it as a ‘Favourite’ if it’s up to scratch. Remember to book early though. Tables for two can be at a bit of a premium on February 14th. Epicurious – iPad – Free
If you’re planning a romantic night in then this is the app to get their tastebuds tingling. Packed full of gorgeous photos, it’ll guide you through thousands of delicious recipes – and they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But men, don’t let that put you off cooking for the woman in your life. This has plenty of healthy choices if she’s watching her weight. There’s even a section on cocktails, too!
Hello Vino – iOS/Android – Free Whether you’re ordering wine in an expensive restaurant and don’t want to look foolish or simply selecting a bottle to go with the meal you’ve cooked indoors, this will guide you through what can often be a daunting process. It’ll even tell you how to pronounce some of the more complicated names and has a specific Valentine’s section, too. Just remember, Rose’s aren’t red. They’re more of a pinky colour. Spotify – Smartphones and Facebook – Free (Basic Version)
This music service has been around for a while now but it’s still the best. With millions of tracks stored in the cloud and ready to play through a computer or mobile device, you’ll have no trouble finding the best tunes to accompany your romantic night in. You’ll have to put up with adverts if you choose the free version but the fact it now works with Facebook makes it even easier to tune in. Just remember, though, your friends on the social network may well see each cheesy romantic number you’re listening to. I Love You In 50+ Languages! – iOS – 69p
Make your Valentine’s Day even more romantic by speaking the language of love in anything but English. This app will help you learn to say ‘I Love You’ in any one of 50 mother tongues from Persian to Polish and Finnish to Zulu. There’s audio to guide you through pronunciation and helpful English phonetics.

If you’re really adventurous, there is a similar app for Android with more than 100 languages to get your tongue around Fingle – iPad – 69p
A bit like a small-scale version of Twister, this bargain game sees you and a loved-one having to get intimate… with your fingers. Place them on the lit-up squares that will appear on the screen, and feel the electricity as your skin touches and your knuckles knock together. If you manage to solve the puzzles, you can celebrate with a kiss. 101 Ways To Say I Love You – Android – Free
They do say actions speak louder than words and rather than telling you how to say ‘I Love You’ in different languages, this app shows you ways to demonstrate your love. So if a box of cheap chocolates is normally your answer to a romantic gesture, find their softer centre with one of these tips. Just don’t give away that you needed an app to find the inspiration.
Scrabble – iPad – £1.99 It might seem like just a basic word game to you, but with the right words, Scrabble can take on a whole new meaning. The iPad version of this classic board game is one of the best tablet titles out there and if you own an iPhone, you can use that to hold your letters and magically throw them onto the bigger screen. So relax with your partner after dinner and see who can rack up the most points with the sexiest words in your vocabulary.
Valentine’s Day HD – Android – £1.99 With a range of love-inspired picture frames to adorn your Android mobile or tablet, this app will certainly get you in the mood each time you turn on your device. Each wallpaper can be personalised with both snaps and text and you can even write on things such as gift tags adorning virtual flowers. There’s a whole host of worldwide romantic settings too that make an appearance in the background. Valentine’s Scanner – Android – Free
Place your finger – and one belonging to your other half – on the on-screen scanner in this app and it will determine what chemistry there is between you both. Of course, it’s just a little bit of fun to be taken lightly and with a pinch of salt. But if your relationship is on a rocky road already, it might not be the best night to find out you’re not the perfect match. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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