I’m here. Where are you?

Posted: February 19, 2012 in life
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So really what is it all about. It’s going back and thinking why do we actually exist. I’m not talking about the nitty gritty of this is how you were born and formed as the majority of us that walk this planet know that. We were all left under the gooseberry bush by the stalk, right?

What I actually mean is WHY are we here. This place right now? Through a number of discussions at home it’s got me thinking. Recently I’ve heard a few times the phrases “if I took that job in Dubai 2 years ago…”, “if I hadn’t left the place I enjoyed working….”, “if only here was Brighton, things would be better…”. It’s our dear friend “if” coming back again. That small word that can have such a big impact and meaning. Who knows why we made the choices we did however far back (or near) they were, we did and that has laid the path we are upon today.

Personally I am happy where I am at this present time. Yes, there has been ups and downs, but right now I’m content with where I am. My job, my home, my life. It’s going well, but that said it doesn’t stop me from thinking where else I could be or where I want to be in the future. That’s just healthy,

It can be argued that our future path starts at day one and that our home life and society shape and guide us. To some extent I believe this to be true, but what about the child that pushes, that strives to be somewhere else, to better themselves from that of their role models? Those that although society indicates that they should live in a particular way, break free from that grasp and do what makes them happy.
Last night we sat and watched come done with me. A repeat, but what’s expected these days? It was the episode with the transvestite who used to be a butch army man. Knowing all his life that he was doing the wrong thing but do to society confirmed. Until one day, he thought its time to live for him. Make himself happy and do what he wanted to do. Who can blame him really, why should anyone live a life where they are not happy.

It’s said time and time again, live your life, live free. Be who you want and be happy, but actually how many of us do that? How many of us conform, follow what we think is right and settle for second best? How many of us push and aim for our goals, never mind actually reaching them.


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