It’s the last day of the week off, not that you would guess it! You see there’s a rule that if a certain someone else has to be up for work then we are both wide awake. This is usually started with the re-setting of the alarm three times and as planned by the manufacturers, just as I drift back off…..beeeerp!! Awake again. Just ten more minutes….
Eventually the alarm is off and it’s up and out of bed. At last. I can settle back in bed amongst the covers and close my eyes. Not that it lasts that long. Count ten minutes, maybe 15 if I’m lucky and swoosh goes the door. It’s time to get dressed. Time to get into the wardrobe, decide on the outfit but firstly it’s the light. The words “close your eyes and cover your head with the cover, I’m putting the light on….” no sooner have the words passed lips than the flood of 100w bulb fills the room. Followed by sitting on the bed. How is it my leg always gets sat upon?! It’s a wonder!
In no time at all the light goes out, it’s good byes, see you laters and I’m left there wide awake in bed. Odd enough but after over an hours noise, alarm resets and lights blaring in under the covers there’s no chance of getting back to sleep.
So here I find myself with a completely stripped bed, clean skirtings, vacuumed carpets, ironed shirts, two loads of washing, dinner half prepared, moped floors and dusted shelves! So much for a nice quiet relaxing day before returning back to work and who’s with me in guessing when the “worker” returns they say I’ve not done much!!


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