You may know, especially if we are acquainted, that recently in my life there has been much talk of two topics. One being the new job of my other half and what is happening about that and the other the buying of a house. It seems that the new build company that are constructing the property have decided that for the remaining area of the site to go back to planning and change the layout. This is far from a problem for us as it means that the houses that will (hopefully) be built on that part of the site are the style that we like. It just means that we now have to wait a whole 11 weeks to find out a) if they are going to build them, b) the cost, c) if they have garages or not and d) the new layout and positioning of the plots. This annoys me slightly as it leaves things up in the air and I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!

On the second issue, this has been hanging over our heads since November, and now seems to be coming to an end. The first round of interviews took place before the Christmas period, followed by two telephone interviews and now a call back to Marble Arch for a further interview. Good news. Yes, I know, but on the other hand it also has an implication on the plans of buying the house and where we will live. The post gone for is London based, but not only that, is one that can see travel all over the world. Who knows, if it’s taken, you may see us moving to Azabigan! (lets hope not). This once again has caused issues and many sleepless nights. It has also caused a feeling of reluctantly too. On one hand I do hope that the job interview is successful as if it is it will end all the work related issues that are currently in place, but more importantly could see a move from the North West to who knows where. Or is it a stay here and a weekend fly-back from where ever that week or what?

Who knows and only time will tell. Maybe after Tuesday some of these questions will be answered and we will both know where we are. Or on the other hand it opens a mass of more questions….


Who ever said life was simple?


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