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It feels as though through the recent couple of weeks many changes have taken place in my life. It may sound a little dramatic to say it in that context but that’s the way it feels. Out with a partnership, house buying, the car (which is still in the MINI garage), and back home to the battery style hen apartment that I live in. Something I have been giving thought to recently. The fact that I have lived here for going on 4 years and still never refer to the place as ‘home’.

It wasn’t that long ago that the talk of going away cropped up in what used to be our home. Plans of going away on holid

ay to Egypt or somewhere else hot and with masses of sand. Again, something that now isn’t going to happen. well, not in that context anyway. It was the other night when a friend of mine was round we got talking about places we would like to visit, when and how, but both not wanting to do it alone, but not having anyone to do it with. Thoughts of the talks in the staffroom at work also filled my head hearing about holiday plans, American road trips and weeks away in the UK. I couldn’t share, as I had no plans and nowhere to go. Until now…

It was decided, over a few glasses of wine and vodka that a ‘UK road trip‘ might be in order and so off we headed on a virtual search of the Uk to find our destinations. Looking at prices, parking, travel time, accommodation, routes and hot-spots to visit. Planning the wardrobe, the need of a range of clothing styles, due to

staying in the UK and most importantly the dates that this is going to take place. From one small chat, is born a ‘Summer road trip’ of the UK.

In this case there are no pink cadalacs, no UV‘s, just my mere little mini, as long as it’s out of the garage, and two friends heading off into the wilderness and sunset. The plans in place and hotel booked for one destination, it was time to call it a night.

The following morning I woke to the thought of the trip. The excitement of planning somewhere and heading off for a week. Visiting places that neither of us had been before. The blind leading the blind and solely relying on the international web of wonder to provide us with masses of positive information and knowledge. It was here that it was decided; a trip to IKEA was needed.

I made the phone call and within 30 minutes there we were on our way. Not buying things for the road trip, but things for my apartment. Things that I had recently realised that I needed but hadn’t needed for the prior 3 years. Things that would aid my cupboard organisation to the max. The drive there went without a hitch, along with the shop, although a little busy. It wasn’t until nearly home and mid hunt for a coffee shop that things changed. The topic lead to the road trip. It was here that the excitement of it seemed to over take me and the shere thought took my mind away from where it should be. As I was talking I hadn’t noticed the speed of the car picking up. As I talked about the road trip and visiting cities with the sun blazing and feeling the wind blow between our hair the car got faster. I was in a 30mph zone, but I was going faster. I knew the road well and knew the positioning of the street furniture upon it, but that had gone from my mind. It was all replaced with sunny days, sound of the sea and ice cream. That was until…

**FLASH** Oh, sh*t!!! The speed camera. I had seen it coming. I knew exactly where it was but not taken note of the speed. The conversation suddenly stopped and thought immediately moved to the fact that now I was going to get a fine and points for speeding. This was closely followed to with the thought that it’s not my car and what would be said by the ex. I could picture it in my head, the discussion when we talked about, taking the higher ground and having a ‘real go’. I’m not saying that people should speed and I know that speed limits are there for a reason, I just didn’t see the camera and with everything else that was and is going on my mind way else where. At this point I asked my friend and passenger to check out the fine and the points. This wasn’t pleasant reading and knew that there was no way out of it. It was here that I thought deeply into the conversation that needed to take place in what once was ‘home’ and what reaction would come back. I focused on the heavy side just incase the car was taken away from me and what might be said. I weighed up the options that might come out of it too and how they might be used, but I knew that a little bit of pleasure would be taken in the lecture I would receive.

I arrived back at the apartment and explained. The reaction wasn’t one that I was expecting to be fair. It started with a shake of the head and turning of the back, followed by ‘I’m not taking the points for you, I’ve got 3 points and I am trying to get rid of them so I have a clean licence, I’m sorry but you will have to take them.’ This hadn’t crossed my mind at all and under no circumstances was I asking or hoping for the points to be ‘taken’ by anyone for me. I explained that and again it was reiterated that it was the case they wouldn’t be taken on my behalf. But the car I could keep. This shocked me as I thought it would be taken from my usage.

It’s here, giving thought to the things that go on around that I realise that I am a little ‘hare and the tortoise’. By this I mean that I can rush into things and if it’s something that excites me, interests me or that I have a passion for its full steam ahead and off. The first out of the starting blocks and I will run and run and run with it. Where as, maybe at times, it’s best to be the tortoise. Best to take the slow route and ‘plod’ along without getting ‘run away’ with an idea, thought or plan. That way it can prevent us from getting hurt, or in this case a speeding fine. But it has taught me one thing. Watch the speedometer more closely, don’t take your eyes of the most important thing, which in this case was the road and my speed.


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