Disco Dream

Posted: September 2, 2012 in life
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We disco dream through-out the night, our escapades to their delight, we feel the monsters way down deep and hide the tears we long to weep. We choose our poison to mask the pain, lager, vodka or Champaign, the music spills around our ears and soothes the wounds of our fears. we dance to find all we seek and we’ll do it all again next week!

The clothes we wear are self reflections, they help us hide our in-perfections, our illusion is our biggest feat, the ones around us take a seat. This beauty is our sacrifice, a ravage beast to us entice, seduce to us a potential mate and all other thought, inside, sedate. We lose ourselves to what others think and drive ourselves to drugs and drink.

The war we fight is fought with dance, the moves we make create romance, between ourselves and all around, the dance-floor is our battleground . This journey is just one night long, the lust we feel, for just one song, so dance and lose yourself tonight, because things will change with the morning light.


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