Another brick…. Mark Bond

Posted: November 25, 2012 in About Me, life
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It’s been a while since I have thought, or mentioned the brick wall that sat before me. In this very same spot, some five years ago. A new chapter, a new start. A world out there that I wasn’t aware of. The routes that I would take and the bricks that would be added to that ever increasing wall. A time for reflection, as that brick wall that has sat in front of me for the past…
5 years comes to an end very soon. It will be a sad day and there are already mixed emotions to leaving this place. My battery hen style apartment within the city centre. My ‘start of a new chapter, a new life’ and the things that it has brought along the way. The challenges, the peace, the parties and the neighbours. The new friends, many of which will be with me, I hope, for the rest of my life and not to mention the BRICKS.
It was on night, maybe a Friday or a Saturday, it could even have been a Thursday that I bumped back into Mark and our friend Carl. For once he was propping up the bar, rather than the bar be propping him up. I do have to admit, though, that it was early in the evening and things were going to change as the night went on.  This wasn’t the first time that I had met Mark Bond, no. In fact I had met his a few years prior in the masquerade when I was invited out by Carl for a drink and Mark was also there too. We sat at a table in front of the mirror with a number of drinks in front of us. Mark spent most of the night tossing a beer mat between his fingers, either looking at it, taking a gulp of his pint or looking over the rim of his glasses; this is when he worn glasses. His coat was still settled upon his back and a smile never passed his lips, along with words; other than the occasional ‘yeah’ when asked if wanted another drink. I left that night feeling that this guy I had never met before didn’t think much to my company. This wasn’t disproved, not for a year or two later.
So on this Friday, Saturday or even Sunday night here I was out with some friends having a quiet drink, when I bumped into Carl. He was at the bar with some lad sat next to him (Mark). Carl called me rude for not acknowledging his friend, but I was in the mind that I didn’t know who he was. After some time I came to realise it was Mark. Long gone were the glasses, the unsmiling face and a warm welcome, so to speak, to the orange glow and cloud of just been outside for a ciggy lingering smoke cloud just above his head. This time he actually spoke. We chatted and it seemed that the bar mat spinning, over the glasses rim looking guy actually wanted, on this occasion, to make a little conversation!
The rest of the night, as they say, is history. Or at least it is for me, as MArk ended up in his usual drunken state (many to follow) and his memory wiped of all recollection. Also a few days later off he headed for an alcohol fuelled holiday in Turkey!
On his return it was a week or so later that we made contact again. A few texts, a conversation here or there. A visit. A drink, a film. A friendship started to form. He wasn’t this quiet, shy, guy that I thought, he was humorous, fun, orange drunk, well most of the time on all accounts! many nights out, many empty bottles, many chicken burgers later, I awoke from my coma. This wasn’t caused from the excessive amounts of alcohol I was becoming accustomed to in the company of Mr Bond, nor the late nights, adventures, oh no, but from the stench that rose from his feet! I, for one, have never smelt anything like them in my life. In fact so much so that the sheer thought of the shoes coming off, lead my nose to be screaming out for something to protect it from the smell that was going to come very soon…
Another plus point to Mr Mark Bond is the number of skills and attributes that he has. I am sure that everyone at some point in their lives has managed to catch a glimpse of 60 minute makeover, where a ‘design team’ work hard to redecorate a whole house within 60 minutes. People, I can definitely say that Mark Bond is the world record breaker in room decorating. He doesn’t need 60 minutes, 30 minutes or 15. He needs a maximum of 15 seconds, a bottle of red wine and an open mouth. Within that time scale he can re-colour your whole bathroom from cream and grey to a very tasteful red. We are talking wall to wall coverage. Floor to ceiling. All sanitary wear. All products within ‘firing’ distance, the lot!!   Go on, if you don’t believe me give it a go.
Within my time in the city I can also say I have never been refused entry to the train network for being drunk. I’m not sure if that’s because I can act rather sober after a few drinks, or that I don’t really have a reason to head anywhere on the trains after a few drinks? But there was one time…….not down to me…  The day was a Sunday, we had arranged to have a quiet meal at Marco Pierre White restaurant in Liverpool and possibly a drink afterwards, but nothing heavy. It all started swimmingly. The meal was good, even after the embarrassment that took place (we won’t talk about that), then it was time to head for a quiet drink, before heading off home (me to mine and Mark to his for Sunday dinner with the family), so off we went. Another bottle of red. (We had already had one with dinner), soon that was polished off and with the sun out we headed for one last drink before Mark heading for the train home. We found a table in the sun at the Albert Dock and got our third bottle, it was good. It went down well and before long was time to go home. Somewhere in the walk it was decided that I would go back with Mr Bond and after dinner he would show me the sights of the Village. A quick call home to see if there was any spare dinner for me and the answer was a ‘no’, we headed to Moorfields, but alas no train. It was here we had the start of our quest of getting on the train, and my mission to ensure Mark walked in a straight line. Somehow I managed it, we made it onto the train at Lime Street without being quizzed and towards Mark’s home. His dad collecting us from the station to take us back to his house. This happened, but slightly differently to how we had planned. That night we went out around the village  and lost money on the million pound drop. It was here though that we decided we were good enough for the show, so we applied. We are still waiting…
So it’s here that I say thankyou to Mark Bond, or Dot as some know him. Firstly for showing me how to pull off the orange look so well, but not for the stains it leaves behind that never can be removed.
Thanks for the many bottles of red wine.
Thanks for showing me how quickly a bathroom can be redecorated, giving a surprise to the person whose bathroom it is, but I am not thankful for your smelly feet!

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