This fishing malarkey

Posted: December 2, 2012 in About Me, life
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Ok, so it’s been a while now and a few chats later, but I’m still wondering what it’s all about. It was that day in the staff room after hearing some very good points of POF (plenty of fish) I decided to join. Being single for 3 years has been good, but at some point if like to think I’d settle down and, maybe, build a life with a partner.

I jumped in. Trawled through the endless supply of miserable looking photos that I have and selected a limited number. Uploaded them and filled out the information boxes. I sat back, waited, waited a bit more and longer still. It was at this point I did wonder if the name was linked to the image of fishing, where people sit for endless hours dangling their line, complete with hook and maggot attached, into the waters below. Waiting for that one, nosey, interested, Intrigued, little “fishy” to take bite and be tugging at the line, either showing ‘here I am, come get me’ or in shear desperation to get away from what they thought was a juicy meal.

So I waited…

After a few weeks of the odd ‘hi’, ‘good weekend’ and ‘witty profile’ a little like a puddle in the summer, the messages dried up. Now this could be for a number of reasons:
1) all the fishes have been caught;
2) my pictures are too scary;
3) my witty banter sends them running;
4) my replies to messages (including trying to attempt conversation starting)

I have edged my bets on a couple if the above mentioned, and currently I am questioning whether it is my replies, or conversation starters.

Picture, if you will, a picture of a man, good looking, tall, dark, handsome, 30, from Manchester, stood in a woodland with a Labrador puppy in his hands. I decided to message. I thought I have the ideal reply. The ice breaker ready, there’s no way he wouldn’t reply to what I’m going to put. Slightly witty, so I was thinking, off I started, typing, sending my message.

It went like this…

I want your puppy!!!

Not in the sense of drop your pants and lets get down to business of being the first two gay males to somehow create a baby, but the one in the picture….. Just thought it best to clarify my opening statement.

Hmmm I know feel an urge to clarify my clarification that I’m not saying, given the chance, or opportunity, if you said, maybe, drop your pants lets get down to some “action” I’m saying I’d say no, probably not, it’s just I’d like your puppy. (Still on the dog here, not a euphemism)

Maybe a little clearer now, if not slightly muddier and most likely left you thinking what the hell is this one on about. I wonder that most times about myself daily.
Fancy dropping a line back, feel free to do so.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

So, here, I know sit wondering if he will reply.


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