The Stolen Banana

Posted: December 7, 2012 in life
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Once upon a time, Bobby stole a banana. Bobby was a poor, homeless kid. He was walking through the market, which also happened to be his home. It was a warm day and Bobby was hungry. He came across a fruit vendor, and as expected he stole a banana. It was a very usual thing for Bobby to steal food. Since he couldn’t earn any and begging is usually not an option for fat homeless kids. Bobby claimed it was hereditary.

Bobby knew that if he stole a banana, AND if he got caught, he would be punished. He would have to return the banana, or he may have to pay a fine or he would have to spend some time in the jail. No, the shopkeeper is rarely, if ever, compensated for his loss. He should have insured his bananas against petty thieves eh?

Now, it happened to Bobby’s unlucky day. For he was indeed caught stealing the banana. He didn’t know what was going to happen to him. The policeman took him to the police station where he was made to sit. The police, in fact, had been rather reluctant to catch Bobby. Bobby was not quite grown-up yet, you see. So the police couldn’t really put him into jail. It was quite a long procedure, sending people to juvie. So Bobby had to wait for quite a while in the police station. He wasn’t hungry since he had managed to elude the police for some time and had enjoyed the banana.

Bobby didn’t know what was really going to happen to him. But he was more excited than afraid.

After some time, Bobby was hungry again and he told the policeman that he was hungry. The policeman knew that all prisoners get food to eat, but he didn’t know if Bobby should get the same food.

So our good policeman ordered his constable to fix Bobby a sandwich. The constable hadn’t ever made a sandwich for his children at home. But he now made a sandwich for Bobby ‘The Petty Thief’.

Bobby enjoyed his sandwich and said to himself, ‘This jail thingy aint so bad after all’. There was a roof on his head so he wasn’t under the hot sun. There was also a ceiling fan. He wasn’t afraid that anyone would ask him to leave or vacate the place and he also managed to visit the bathroom.

Bobby was in deep thought about what one of his friends had once told him that in some countries people’s hands were cut off if they stole anything. Bobby thanked his lucky stars that he wasn’t in such a country. He actually didn’t know what a country was but he knew enough to believe that such fate would not befall him.

Bobby was shaken out of this deep reverie when he was slapped on the head by the policeman. The policeman told him not to steal ever again and told him to go home.

Bobby wandered the streets again having spent a pleasant afternoon at the police station. He told everybody he met about how nice policemen are.

10 years after this incident, our protagonist found himself being dragged to a police station again. This time though, he hadn’t stolen anything. He had instead shot a man. Bobby was certain he wasn’t going anywhere for a long time. He had to live in custody for a few months after which he was brought to court. There an old man in curious black robes and a long white wig told him that he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

But Bobby wasn’t daunted by this at all. Some of his friends had been to prison and they had told him that wasn’t really that bad. In prison they gave you two square meals free of cost. They gave you time to exercise. They even let you study different subjects. To Bobby, prison life was even better than regular, free life. He didn’t have to beg and the work, although monotonous was rather easy. He was occasionally beaten up by fellow inmates, but then the beatings weren’t any worse than those his robber pals had sometimes subjected him to. Bobby was almost happy.

Bobby’s family was paid handsomely by the people who had hired him as a hit man. Bobby, having killed a man, was a leading a fairly comfortable life.

Bobby had found that there was a library in the prison so he visited it once. He picked up a book and opened it to a random page and read the following, “..and therefore, either compensating the aggrieved party, or prevention of the crime altogether should be the only criteria to be considered while engineering a punishment for a crime. These should be frequently applied to test the validity and efficacy of the punishment that..” Bobby didn’t understand a single word, but he decided to continue reading. He liked it a lot.

So after 10 years of being in the prison and having been a frequenter in the prison library and being of exceptional conduct, Bobby was granted parole. But Bobby wasn’t really a changed man. No one would employ him, he was just as poor, and he couldn’t even find his family.

And so bobby was eventually back to his previous life. And soon enough, Bobby had killed another man. Police officers thought he was crazy. Media people said that inhuman treatment at the prison had made Bobby crazy. There was much frenzy for reforms in jails to ensure the human rights of pitiful criminals. Bobby just smiled as he sat on that bench in a police station and saw his face on the evening news.


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