And so here begins the first blog of the ‘blog every day in May’ blogs. A thought crosses my mind that this is going to be somewhat impossible. What with late nights, puppy walking and weekends thrown in too. Not to mention that May has 31 days in it! Madness, I hear the cries…

So the story of my life.

It’s simple. An easy start somewhat 31 years ago (close to being 32 in July), but at Staincliffe Hospital I took my first breath. There’s plenty I could say about this but maybe to save my mum some embarrassment I will hold back and keep the images and knowledge to myself. You never know, right now you could be tucking into breakfast…

So here I was. A thin, lanky baby that seemed to have been fitted with Duracell batteries for life. A strain that if I had been the first born, would have meant I would have been the only child. A blessing then for my older brother and sister as they came before me, which I think will make them happy.

24/7, give or take a few 5 minutes nap times for that ever needed re-charge. No wonder I spent many a day at the end of the garden or pushed up to my aunties. This seemed to be the only place that I slept. For longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Time passed along with many sleepless nights for the ‘rents’ but I survived. I am here to tell the tale.


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