I’m a Slug.

Posted: June 22, 2013 in life
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Oh, I’m a slug

a lowly bug

who never does a thing,

although I’d like to ride a bike

or maybe learn to sing.

And if I could

I think I would

become a master spy.

Then go and get

a fighter jet

and really learn to fly.

I’d mountain climb.

I’d rap in rhyme.

I’d gain karate skills.

I’d bronco ride

and paraglide

and have some spills and thrills.

I’d take a trip

by rocketship

to soar among the stars.

I’d travel free

past Mercury

and Jupiter and Mars.

The books I’d write!

The bulls I’d fight!

The places I would go!

If only I were quick and spry

instead of sad and slow.

Alas, it seems,

despite my dreams,

I’ll have to pull the plug

on all I ache

to undertake

for I am just a slug.


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