Spring Clean vs Pub.

Posted: September 18, 2016 in life

So did you? You were going to sort out the cupboard under the stairs and do something about that rug; did you actually, as planned, get around to clearing  out the garden shed? The weather  may have cooled your keenness to put away any warm winter clothes, but you did mean at least to dig out the summer raincoat, since Easter, obviously, is just the moment for this kind of spring offensive.

You planned, perhaps, to dust off all the grubby curtain linings or do something about rearranging the books so that you might know where to find the one you want; you may actually have done it, but it has to be admitted that quite a few of us will still be looking at the same “to do”  list come Whitsun.

What I can never decide is whether you get on better by setting yourself a few small, manageable tasks which you might actually get around  to finishing, or inspire yourself  by planning a task major enough to need a bank holiday to complete. Edmund Burke said that: “Nobody ever made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” Perhaps he might have added: “Except perhaps  he – or she – who  thought he could  indeed tackle  a major task, but then found it so dauntingly large that the whole thing seemed impossible and  the only thing  to do was to head off to the pub instead.”


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