t’was the night of the Christmas party

Posted: September 18, 2016 in About Me
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T’was the night of the Christmas party, or maybe more apt to say the afternoon, as we were meeting between 4.30pm and 5pm. The table was booked and the food ready to be served. We arrived in dribs and drabs and as per usual, me living the closest, was slightly later than the rest of our party! I had on my party outfit, sponsored totally by Ribena. It’s a hrad look to pull off and even I was finding it hard!!

We headed to the bar and bought our drinks, I settled, for starters with a bombay saphire and tonic, fresh lime and crushed ice. Not my usual drink but over the past few weeks I have become slightly accustom med to the taste of the stuff. It was chilled, refreshing and slid down rather nicely. The chit chat and usual banter was under way. The meals in their time arrived at the table and we all tucked in. I had opted for the usual Christmas spread. The soup, this being tomato and basil, although by the time it arrived infront of me it was half gone. Jenny had forgotten what she had ordered and decided to opt for the soup…

The main was the Christmas spread. Turkey, roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, which made their way to Jojo’s plate, carrots, sprouts and broccolli. (There is a rule in our house that with all meals we have to have a green veg, on this occassion I would be in the very good books in having both the sprouts and the broccolli…that reminds me I must say that I had them!) The meat was cut thickly and was tasty. The gravy not as good as the stuff we have at home but still nice, the veg still crunchy, the way I like it. It was good.

By this time another visit to the bar had taken place and Jojo was by my side. As with all things we seem to get into some antics and sillyness seems to follow us both like a bad penny. The server seemed to join in by firstly trying to half-inch my bottle of tonic but we were onto him and in a subtle way informed him of his antics. The bottle then was mine!!

Dessert was cheesecake. Creamy and tasty although the summer fruit medoly to the side was moved further away and remain there until the waitress cleared away the plates. It was tasty, it was creamy and it was cleared from my plate. I also helped Jojo finish off hers too.

After the meal a further visit to the bar was needed and this time it was cocktails. They went down well and so did we. We had to head to the laughter lounge at where we took our seats for the comedy. It was funny. It was witty and involved audience participation. It was at this point that we all learned a little bit more about some of the people that we work with, along with the rest of the audience, but as they say ‘what goes on in the laughter lounge, stays in the laughter lounge.’

The acts came and went and so did further bar visits…’want a drink James….go on then’ but did one come?? no, did it hell. So at this point I took myself to the bar for refreshment. I ordered. Only to be told by the women manning the place that they couldn’t serve me. The second act was about to grace the stage and time had been called on service until the next break. I returned empty handed and took my seat quietly without uttering a word to watch the next act, dry mouth and in need of quench.

The night moved on and so did we. We hit a variety of bars, had a mixture of drinks and then it was home to bed. A good night. Like the ones that we have had before. Loads of laughter, fun and mischief. All I want to say is thanks and a very merry Christmas to everyone at work. Let’s hope 2012 is a good year!!


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