You’re live on channel 4…

Live interactive game shows, where viewers compete with on-screen contestants, are the key to persuading the Facebook generation to watch television, according to the industry experts.
British production companies are at the forefront of using new technologies to create interactive shows that can compete with the myriad distractions of social networking sites, computer games and even food and drink.
David Flynn, who created the million pound drop, a 10 question, multiple choice quiz which has sold to 34 countries, said “we remain, in Britain, at the forefront of technology. It is important we stay there. We lead the world in the creation of tv formats”.
the million pound drop, fronted by Davina McCall, kick-started the interactive phenomenon for channel 4 in 2010 and has generated 11 million plays.
People have always enjoyed shouting answers at the tv, but they are now armed with smartphones, laptops and tablets. We don’t always watch tv with someone but we can play along with strangers on Facebook or with friends. Since contestants are asked to give their name, age, sex and address, channel 4 is also reaping important commercial information to target their adverts within shows. So watch out, join in and be targeted! Tonight, you are live on channel 4, but in the comfort of your own house, so it’s safe to swear!


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