MJ and his bowl (third story)

MJ and his bowl


Sunday morning was usually a happy day in
MJ’s house. He always spent lots of time with his daddy either around the house
or going for walk in the park. MJ liked spending time with his daddy as he
loved him very much. Some times he didn’t see him for a very long time while he
was out at work and really looked forward to seeing hi when he got home. MJ
would wait by the door as his dad came through and get really giddy running
around the house and barking at him, rolling over to have his belly tickled and
licking his daddy’s hand.

Late Sunday afternoon MJ woke from is sleep in front of the lounge fire, his
daddy was sat on the sofa watching the Sunday T.V they sometimes snuggled up to
and watched together. MJ did a big stretch to make sure that his daddy had
noticed he was awake. MJ, feeling his belly rumble slightly knew that it must
be close to dinner time, that soon his bowl would be full of nice treats that
usually filled it. Although the thought of food lit up MJ’s eyes he had over
the past few days grown bored f eating his dinner from his silver bowl. Not
only was it small and he caught his whiskers on the side of it, which sent
funny feelings through his body and put him off the food, he also didn’t like
the cold feel it had in the winter months. He longed to have a lightly bigger
bowl and for it to be warmer. MJ liked the silver colour and the food that was
in it. It was the catching of his whiskers and the icy feel of it that he
didn’t. MJ lied there wondering how he would tell his daddy and let him know
that he wasn’t as fond of the silver bowl he had so living eaten from over the
summer months. MJ didn’t want his daddy to think he wasn’t grateful for the
bowl and the food; he just wanted him to know he needed a new one.

After a short time MJ’s daddy moved from the sofa and told MJ it was time for
tea, MJ could heart being put in the bowl. MJ was so hungry and wanted to show
his daddy that he loved the food he was going him, but the cold small bowl just
wasn’t right. MJ again wondered how to tell him.

MJ’s daddy called him into the kitchen once the food was prepared and at the
same time MJ had an idea. ‘All I need to do I tip the food onto the carpet,
then the cold small silver bowl will not be a problem’ thought MJ, ‘I will be
able to eat my dinner without my whiskers getting caught or the icy cold feel
of the bowl touching my tongue’.

MJ put his plan into action. With a flick of the paw the bowl turned over and
his food fell upon the cream carpet, slightly dirtied from the mud in the
garden from the time MJ had forgotten to wipe his feet and MJ’s daddy had got
cross with him. At no point during MJ’s plan did he think that his daddy would
not be happy, all he thought about was eating the food that was in his bowl. He
had found a way to fix the problem, he felt so proud. MJ’s proudness was only
short lived, not very long had he tipped over the bowl and all the food onto
the floor, did MJ’s daddy see. MJ knew from the look on his daddy’s face that
he wasn’t happy. MJ quickly ate all of the food from the carpet and tried not
to mark it any more than he had the day he brought the mud in from the garden
on his paws. Still MJ’s daddy wasn’t pleased, all MJ wanted was a new bowl, a
bigger one where his whiskers wouldn’t touch the sides. All MJ needed to do was
tell his daddy, make him understand that was the problem.

MJ packed up his bowl and took it to his daddy who was now sat back on the
sofa, he placed it at his feet and pawed at the bowl, he whimpered slightly at
the bowl and pushed his face into it, jumping back when his whiskers caught the
sides, it didn’t take long before MJ’s daddy told him that he would go buy him
a new bow from the shop after work tomorrow. MJ barked at his daddy to show
that he was happy then he climbed up on the sofa, snuggled up to his daddy and
got a tickled belly and a long stroke, he knew that his daddy loved him and
that he loved his daddy lots. MJ never meant to make him cross but wanted him
to know his bowl was too small and too cold.


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