MJ and the carpet (fifth story)

MJ and the cream carpet.


Sunday morning was usually a happy day in
MJ’s house. He always spent lots of time with his daddy either around the house
or going for walk in the park. MJ liked spending time with his daddy as he
loved him very much. Some times he didn’t see him for a very long time while he
was out at work and really looked forward to seeing hi when he got home. MJ
would wait by the door as his dad came through and get really giddy running
around the house and barking at him, rolling over to have his belly tickled and
licking his daddy’s hand.

Today though was slightly different. Daddy wasn’t very happy with MJ; in fact
he was rather cross with him. It started a few days ago when the snow had
fallen; MJ had never seen white on the floor. He thought the clouds had come
down to say hello to him but his daddy told him it was snow. He told him it
would be very cold on his paws and that he would really enjoy playing in it.
MJ’s daddy was right, it was cold and MJ really did enjoy playing in the snow.
MJ’s daddy made snow balls and threw them up in the air for MJ to catch, but
they melted in his mouth and vanished!! MJ had a great time but his paws were
getting very cold. It was time to go in. MJ’s daddy took off the hat and scarf
he was wearing then got an old towel to wipe MJ’s paws dry, he told MJ that he
would put the fire on for him to lay next to help warm him up. MJ’s daddy
really did look after him and made sue he was safe. MJ lay by the fire and
slowly fell asleep while his paws warmed up.

When he opened his eyes his daddy as sat on the sofa so MJ went over to say
thank you to his daddy and gave him a big lick and climbed up to snuggle in
next to him where he fell back to sleep.

The snow began to melt and the grass became very muddy, but MJ’s daddy still
let hi play out on the grass. MJ really enjoyed playing out on the grass with
all the toys he had got at Christmas, but his favorite was a green tennis ball.
He liked it when his daddy played catch with him and could spend all day
catching the ball and taking it back to his daddy to throw again.

MJ’s daddy had a very nice cream carpet in his house that MJ really liked and
thought it was very fluffy and liked the feel on his paws. Some days while MJ
was playing in the garden he would day dream about the feel of the carpet on
his paws, so much so that although he knew he was meant to wipe his feet on the
mat by the door he forgot. MJ would end up getting mud on the carpet and these
made his daddy very unhappy and cross. On Saturday again MJ forgot to wipe his
feet and he got mud on the very soft cram carpet. MJ’s daddy shouted at him
really really loud and was very cross. He was sent to his basket where MJ sat
very quietly and sad that he had upset his daddy. He hadn’t meant to do it and
didn’t want his daddy to be cross. MJ began to cry, but still his daddy didn’t
come and see what the matter was. MJ after a few hours went to see his daddy
who was still cross, even a lick on the hand; a little whimper and a paw didn’t
help make his daddy happy again. Maybe a snuggle would? MJ climbed up next to
his daddy and snuggled in close, still his daddy didn’t look happy with MJ but
he did give him a little stroke. MJ felt sad and began to cry again. MJ fell
asleep snuggled up close to his daddy hoping that when he woke up his daddy
would be happy with him again, he didn’t really mean to get mud on the carpet.

After a little sleep MJ woke up and slowly opened his eyes, hoping to see his
daddy smile, he did look a little bit happier, MJ looked at his daddy with sad
puppy eyes, gave him a little whimper and a lick. He waited to see what his
daddy would do. He wasn’t sure if he was happy. Slowly MJ’s daddy’s hand began
to tickle his belly and he saw his daddy smile, MJ knew he wasn’t cross with
him any more. He knew his daddy still loved him.



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