MJ and the park (fourth story)

MJ and the trip to the park


Sunday morning was usually a happy day in
MJ’s house. He always spent lots of time with his daddy either around the house
or going for walk in the park. MJ liked spending time with his daddy as he
loved him very much. Some times he didn’t see him for a very long time while he
was out at work and really looked forward to seeing hi when he got home. MJ
would wait by the door as his dad came through and get really giddy running
around the house and barking at him, rolling over to have his belly tickled and
licking his daddy’s hand.

The sun was shining through the lounge window and had woken MJ up very early.
He was very excited because his daddy had said if the sun was out he was going
to take him for a walk to the park. MJ loved the park. He liked seeing all the
trees, smelling the flowers, running on the grass, playing with the other dogs,
and seeing the children there play on the swigs and the slide. It was going to
be an extra special day too because MJ’s Daddy had bought him a brand new
bright red lead and collar and this way going to be the first time MJ would get
to wear it.

MJ knew he would have to wait some time because his daddy hadn’t got out of be
yet, so he decided to have a lay in front of the fire and think of all the
things that he would see in the park. As time passed MJ heard his daddy getting
up and knew that he would soon be downstairs making breakfast. MJ liked having
breakfast but today wished that he and his daddy didn’t have to have any
because all he wanted to do was wear his new red collar and lead and to play in
the park. MJ sat at the bottom of the stairs and his daddy soon came down. Like
every morning MJ met him with a wagging tail an a lick on the hand and like
every morning MJ’s daddy gave his a long big stroke, tickled him behind the
ears and on his belly, sometimes this made MJ laugh as he was a little bit
ticklish. MJ really loved his daddy and his daddy really loved MJ.

After breakfast MJ’s daddy got dressed, picked up his trainers and put them on
and went to get MJ’s new lead and collar. MJ was so excited he started to run
about and bark, he really really couldn’t wait to get to the park and to wear
his new collar. When his daddy came back in to the room MJ sat down and wanted
with his head up for his daddy to put his new collar on. MJ’s daddy did this
quickly and gave him a tickle behind the ears for being such a good boy and
sitting so still. MJ really liked his new red collar and lead and couldn’t wait
to show everyone how beautiful it was.

It was a short walk to the park and MJ held his head up really high so that
everyone could see his red collar. He was a little excited though and kept
pulling on his lead as he wanted to get to the park very quickly.

MJ was soon at the park, the sun was still shining and there were lots of
children playing there. MJ sat down and his daddy unclipped his lead so that MJ
could have a run around the big field. Before his daddy said MJ could go play
he told him to be very careful near the boys and girls as they may not all want
him near them and that he must not go out of his daddy’s sight and the most
important rule of all, that when his daddy calls MJ to come back then he must
do straight away, or he wont get to play in the park. MJ knew that his daddy
meant this because when he was a very small puppy he was that excited at
playing in the park he hadn’t heard his daddy shouting for him to come back and
when he did his daddy wasn’t happy and didn’t take MJ to the park for a few
Sundays. MJ always tried to do what his daddy asked him to do as he knew that
he was making sure that MJ was safe and didn’t want him to get lost.

MJ loved the field; he could run very fast here, up and down the hills, in and
out of the trees and between the flower beds. Sometimes MJ stopped to smell the
flowers; he liked the smell of flowers and liked the bright colours. After
running around the field MJ would go over to the playground. MJ liked seeing
the children on the swings and the roundabouts and hearing them giggle and
laugh. MJ liked children, they were always nice to him and he liked that they
always wanted to stroke him and tickle his belly. MJ really liked being stoked
and having his belly tickled.

Sometimes MJ’s daddy would let him get an ice cream on the very hot days, just
before they set off back home. MJ liked playing in the park but it did make him
very sleepy after all the running around and all the children stroking and
tickling his belly.

After a long time and a walk through the woods it was time for MJ to go home.
He heard his daddy shout him and after a few more strokes and tickles he said
goodbye to the children and went straight over to his daddy. His daddy put his
lead back on him to keep him safe while they walked back to their house. MJ
felt very sleepy and thought about having a little sleep once he got home. He
had a lovely day in the park with his daddy, all the children, running in the
field, smelling the flowers and having an ice cream. MJ walked in through the
door and went and laid down in the lounge. As he laid his head down his eyes
began to shut and he fell asleep, thinking about all the fun he had at the park
and what a very lucky dog he was.


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