MJ’s Accident (second story)

MJ’s Accident

Sunday morning was usually a happy day in
MJ’s house. He always spent lots of time with his daddy either around the house
or going for walk in the park. MJ liked spending time with his daddy as he
loved him very much. Some times he didn’t see him for a very long time while he
was out at work and really looked forward to seeing hi when he got home. MJ
would wait by the door as his dad came through and get really giddy running
around the house and barking at him, rolling over to have his belly tickled and
licking his daddy’s hand.

The sun was shining through the lounge window as MJ opened his eyes. He could
still smell the paint that had been used to decorate the lounge and MJ loved
the soft feel of the carpet under his paws as he walked along. He hoped never
to get mud on it again.

MJ began to dream about his trip to the park, he was so looking forward to
playing on the grass, but it wasn’t going to happen today, today was going to
be different for MJ not that he or his daddy knew yet.

Sunday started as normal, his daddy came down in his house coat, tickled MJ’s belly
and put his breakfast into his bowl. They sat together on the sofa and had a
little cuddle and then MJ’s daddy went upstairs to get dressed. While MJ’s
daddy went up to get dressed, MJ got his favourite ball from his toy box and
got his shiny red lead ready by the door. MJ really liked his red lead the

It was time to leave and off MJ and his daddy went to the park. As the walked
MJ smelt the flowers and watched all the traffic pass him by on the road, he
was daydreaming of the fun he was going to have.

Normally MJ would stop at the curb but he was too busy thinking of the fun he
was about to have, he didn’t hear his daddy shout him or the lead pull tight
trying to get him out of the road, MJ suddenly realised he wasn’t safe when he
heard the sound of a car horn. Beep, beeeeeeep, beeeeeeep!!! MJ was frozen to
the spot and too scared to move. The car caught his leg and made him spin, he
cried ad yelped and could hear his daddy shouting and asking if he was ok. The
car stopped and the driver ran over to MJ where he was lying in the road
crying. MJ’s daddy ran over too. MJ had a sore leg. MJ’s daddy gave him a
cuddle and kept telling him he would be o and that he needed to visit the vet.

MJ saw the vet and he needed to have some stitches in his leg. It was very sore
and hard to walk on but he was glad there wasn’t any bad damage to him. MJ said
to himself that he would always be careful by the road and listen to what his
daddy told him to do. He was always going to look both ways and listen for the


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