MJ’s Birthday (first one)

MJ’s Birthday

Sunday morning was usually a happy day in
MJ’s house. He always spent lots of time with his daddy either around the house
or going for walk in the park. MJ liked spending time with his daddy as he
loved him very much. Some times he didn’t see him for a very long time while he
was out at work and really looked forward to seeing hi when he got home. MJ
would wait by the door as his dad came through and get really giddy running
around the house and barking at him, rolling over to have his belly tickled and
licking his daddy’s hand.

Today was no ordinary day; today for MJ was a very special day. Today was MJ’s
birthday. MJ was fast asleep in front the lounge window dreaming of all the
nice things that he would be doing with his daddy today. He was dreaming about
all the present that he would be getting and thinking about all the new toys he
had been looking at in the pet shop the other day when MJ and his daddy went
for a visit.

MJ really liked the squeaky toys, he liked his daddy to throw them very far so
that he could run after them and bring them back for his daddy to do it all
again. This was one of MJ’s favourite games to play in the park as the field
there was very big and his daddy would throw it further than he could in the
garden. MJ wasn’t sure though that the squeaky toys were his daddy’s favourite
when they were in the house having a snuggle on the sofa as some days the toys
would be there and the next they were gone! MJ had hunted high and low for a
squeaky newspaper toy that he used to play with but never found it again.

Suddenly MJ opened his eyes as the sun was shining through the window, he could
hear the birds in the trees and he wanted to open his presents right now,
excited from his dream. The only problem was MJ’s daddy was still fast asleep
in bed and the door to the stairs was closed so MJ couldn’t sneak up and jump
on his bed to tell him it was time to get up and open the presents. MJ thought
for a little while and decided the only thing to do was to bark, that would
wake up his daddy and then he could open his presents. MJ started to bark,
‘woof, woof, woof….’ Still his daddy didn’t get up. MJ baked some more, and
then he heard the creaky floorboard next to daddy’s bed; he knew he was awake
and would be downstairs very soon. MJ was very excited and started to run round
the living room in circles.

MJ had never had a birthday before, this was his first one!

It seemed like ages before the door opened at the bottom of the stairs and MJ’s
daddy walked in wearing the dressing gown MJ had bought him for Christmas. MJ
ran straight over and rubbed against his daddy’s legs and gave his a big lick
on the hand. MJ’s daddy tickled behind MJ’s ears and wished him a happy
birthday; MJ liked being tickled behind the ears and knew that his daddy was
happy with him when he did this.

MJ could see a present in his daddy’s hands, was it a new squeaky toy to
replace the newspaper one that went missing?

MJ sat down on the carpet and gave his paw to his daddy, asking for his
present. MJ’s daddy put the wrapped up gift on the floor, it was wrapped in
very bright wrapping paper and all over it were the words ‘happy birthday’. MJ
put his paw onto it and very gently gave it a little press, but it didn’t
squeak, in fact it wasn’t very soft. It felt hard, and it wasn’t the shape that
his old squeaky newspaper was. MJ wondered what it could be. He was thinking
very very hard but couldn’t think. It was going to be a big surprise and this
made it even more special. MJ began to pull at the happy birthday wrapping
paper and soon the paper was off his present, and still MJ wasn’t sure what it
could be. Under the wrapping paper was a brown square box, but it didn’t have
any writing on it, or any pictures either. MJ tried to open the box but found
it very hard to do, but his daddy was there and helped unfasten the flaps
holding it closed. As the lid opened and the sun was shining through the
window, a very bright light began to fill the room from inside the box. Lots
and lots of golden light came from inside the box. It was very bright and very
shiny. When the box was opened MJ could see through the golden light and inside
the box was a brand new collar. It was a red one; it was the one he had looked
at in the pet shop when they had been to visit with his daddy. It was the one
that he wanted! MJ smiled at his daddy and gave him a big lick to say thank you
for his present.

MJ’s daddy reached into the box to lift out the new collar, and as he did the
golden light moved with it. MJ could see a gold tag hanging off the bright red
collar twinkling in the spring sunshine coming through the window. On the tag
was MJ’s name engraved so that whenever anyone came over to say hello they
would know his name. MJ really liked his present and thought about how he was
going to show it off in the park when he next goes with his daddy, but that’s
another story…

It’s now time for MJ’s birthday breakfast. Happy first birthday MJ


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