Operation 365

It’s a grower…. and I am sure of it. Operation 365.

Again, sat in the staffroom it was put to us to give it a go. Invites sent out on Facebook and our leader, Hannah (for operation 365), set us the challenge.

Heres what you have to do: Everyday, starting with the 1st January 2011 (in our case) take a daily photograph linked to that day. Post it somewhere. Mainly Facebook for the group at work that are doing it, but I thought why the hell not add it as another page to my new BLOG!! 🙂

It has to be a picture from that day, or represent that day and also once a month you have to take a picture of yourself so that at the end of Operation 365 you can look back have a laugh and see how and/or if you have changed.

Like I said, it’s a grower and pictures will be added here hopefully on a daily basis if I get the hang of how to do it! Go on, take a look…









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